New Version of Composite Data Virtualization Platform Focuses on Big Data Analytics

New Version of Composite Data Virtualization Platform Focuses on Big Data Analytics

Composite Software has released a new version of its Composite Data Virtualization Platform that now addresses data requirements that have stemmed from the exponential growth in big data and analytics. The new version contains new analytic capabilities, such as more analytic data sources, additional platform optimizations, and expanded data governance.

In addition, the platform also provides more data services development options that support both analytic and non-analytic use cases. Performance Plus Connectivity for PostgreSQL 9.0 and 9.1 has been introduced into the new version so users can easily access different types of data sources. The platform also leverages PostgreSQL's optimizer and SQL extensions to maximize federated query performance. The latest version includes several improvements, including the following:

  • heterogeneous data ship join for SQL Server and HP Vertica
  • improved cache loading performance for SQL Server
  • Vertica can now be used as a cache target
  • Vertica OLAP support
  • Introspection performance improvements for DB2, Netezza, and Teradata

Visit Composite Software's product page to learn more about the data virtualization platform. For more information on data virtualization, see the SQL Server Pro articles "The Inevitable Virtualization of SQL Server" and "SQL Server Virtualization and Availability."

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