New Service: Backup SQL Server in the Cloud with IDrive

New Service: Backup SQL Server in the Cloud with IDrive

IDrive, a cloud data backup and storage provider, has launched advanced server backup to the cloud for Microsoft SQL Server.

"A reliable data protection strategy is essential to every business model and our goal is to offer a variety of plans that promote business’ specific continuity needs at an affordable price," says Raghu Kulkarni, CEO of IDrive.

Database Server Backup offers secure data backup and recovery with no downtime. Users can create multiple backup sets, set up sub-accounts, manage them all from a central administrator console, link multiple devices to a single account, and utilize point-in-time recovery for specified databases. All data is secured using 256-bit AES encryption, with optional private key encryption as another level of protection.

Offering more than just backup, IDrive also enables users to restore their database critical data, setup email notifications when scheduled backup jobs are complete, and hosts several other features for specific databases.

Database Server Backup is currently available as an integrated service for all IDrive accounts. Various plans are available on the IDrive website.

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