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I profiled Adam Machanic's (blog | twitter) excellent stored procedure, SP_WHOISACTIVE, back in August of 2010.

Adam has been diligent about maintaining the tool and adding new features.  The latest release can be found here -

Some new features in this release (and I quote):

Who is Active v10.99

  • CPU deltas can now use real-time thread-based metrics for more accurate data (use both @delta_interval and @get_task_info = 2)
  • command_type information added to [additional_info] column for active requests
  • Query plans that are not able to be rendered due to XML data type limitations will now be returned in an encapsulated text form
  • Fixed bug where system processes were sometimes reporting start times in the future
  • Fixed bug where @get_locks sometimes failed with a constraint error
Be sure to put this in your tool kit!



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