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New Products: Vormetric, Infinitely Virtual, Red Gate Software, and More

Vormetric Supports Intel AES-NI for Structured and Unstructured Data

Vormetric announced support for Intel's Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions (Intel AES-NI) for structured and unstructured data on SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle, Informix, MySQL, and other databases running on Windows and Linux. Composed of a new set of instructions on the Intel Xeon processors, Intel AES-NI boosts encryption speed and lowers performance overhead to less than two percent. Vormetric's encryption solution works in mixed environments that include servers with and without Intel AES-NI. Visit Vormetric's website to learn more about its offerings.

Infinitely Virtual Includes SQL Server 2012 Support

Infinitely Virtual, a provider of virtual server cloud computing services, announced that it's added SQL Server 2012 to its menu of servers. According to Infinitely Virtual, the decision was made because of SQL Server 2012's new AlwaysOn's disaster recovery abilities, faster query processing, and programmability enhancements. "Our customers are increasing their investments in the cloud and upgrades such as Microsoft SQL Server 2012 help us give them the most advanced hosting capability, with the latest enhancements in data management, business intelligence and protection," said Adam Stern, founder and chief executive officer at Infinitely Virtual. Visit the company's website to learn more about the company's offerings.

Red Gate Software Releases SQL Backup Pro 7.1

Red Gate Software has released SQL Backup Pro 7.1, which provides users with automated backup verification and restore functionalities. The solution provides integrated backup verification with step-by-step wizards, which makes verification an easy step for the user's backup procedure. SQL Backup Pro 7.1 lets users configure scheduled restores and automatically restores the latest backup. In addition, SQL Backup Pro 7.1 supports SQL Server 2012. Visit Red Gate Software's product page for more information and for a free 14-day trial.

Sanbolic's AppCluster Now Provides Public Cloud Support

Sanbolic announced that its SQL Server module for its Melio offering, Sanbolic AppCluster, now supports the public cloud. According to the company, Sanbolic AppCluster extends the agility, high availability, and scalability of SQL Server workloads across physical, virtualized, and private cloud and public cloud environments. With public cloud support, users can minimize the cost and complexity of managing SQL Server clusters, while leveraging the benefits of a public cloud. Visit Sanbolic's website for more information.

ClipTable Helps DBAs Import Data into SQL Server

docco labs' ClipTable is a free tool that helps DBAs import data into SQL Server. DBAs oftentimes need to import data from several different sources into their databases, which can result in a lengthy process that requires them to analyze the data to ensure that the source is readable for SQL Server. ClipTable lets users copy data onto their clipboard from several different sources to a SQL Server table. Users can import data from Word, Excel, plain text, PDF, HTML tables, and more. In addition, ClipTable can import data into Oracle, MySQL, and PostgreSQL databases. Visit docco labs' product page for more information to download the product for free.

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