New Products: Tableau 6.0, NovaView, ER/Studio XE, and More

New Products: Tableau 6.0, NovaView, ER/Studio XE, and More

Manage Storage-Class Memory with ioSphere

Fusion-io has announced the Fusion ioSphere platform. ioSphere provides live monitoring and reporting features; centralized management of distributed environments; and Flash-optimized software features, such as automated caching software that enables ioMemory to act as a cache to existing storage systems. The ioSphere platform is a centralized interface for deploying and managing VSL (Virtual Storage Layer)–enabled software solutions. The ioManager software module comes standard with every ioMemory hardware device. To learn more, visit

Melissa Data Releases SSIS Components

Melissa Data has announced new Data Quality Components for SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). This suite of custom data transformations includes data profiling, cleansing, parsing, standardization, matching, and monitoring. The tools aim to help IT professionals integrate increasingly complex enterprise data—in different formats, structures, and sources—and deliver a single view of critical information assets. According to the company, roughly 60 percent of databases contain outdated or flawed data. To see a demo video or download a free trial, visit

NovaView Adds SQL Server 2008 R2 Support

Panorama Software has added support of the SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse to Panorama NovaView 6.2. Now, NovaView users can natively connect to SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse and perform analysis on large enterprise data sets. “Continuous data growth demands true scalability that is affordable and easily integrated. Our NovaView customers can now pull more value from their business intelligence data through this integration with Microsoft SQL Server technologies and SQL Server 2008 R2 Parallel Data Warehouse,” said Kobi Averbuch, VP Research & Development for Panorama Software. To learn more, visit

Sentrigo Releases Security Solution for SQL Azure

Sentrigo has announced the latest version of its leading database vulnerability assessment and security scanning software solution, Repscan 4.0. New features of Repscan 4.0 include expanded support for cloud-based and open-source platforms; productivity enhancements for DBAs; and added management capabilities. The latest version of the product also supports Microsoft SQL Azure Database. According to the vendor, Repscan offers hundreds of tests designed for the SQL Azure environment. To learn more, visit

Tableau Software Releases Tableau 6.0

Tableau Software has released Tableau 6.0, the latest version of its business intelligence solution. New features include: performance enhancements to increase the size and speed of data processing; improved data blending (combining multiple types of data into one view); new data parameters; enhanced project management solutions; and more. For the full list of enhancements, visit

Embarcadero ER/Studio XE for Database and Data Warehouse Modeling

Embarcadero Technologies has announced ER/Studio XE, the latest version of its database design and data modeling tool suite. ER/Studio XE offers improvements in the user experience, enhanced scalability and performance, and expanded database management system (DBMS) support for Netezza’s TwinFin appliance running versions 5.0 and 4.6. ER/Studio XE provides advanced documentation, reporting, and business intelligence available in a modeling tool. ER/Studio XE supports Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server, InterBase, Netezza, Teradata, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and more, all from a single window. Pricing begins at $5,995. To learn more, visit

Idera Releases SQL doctor 1.1

Idera has announced the availability of Idera SQL doctor 1.1. SQL doctor is a new tool that collects SQL Server configuration and run-time information, analyzes the results, pinpoints problems, and provides immediate prioritized recommendations to resolve identified SQL Server performance problems. Benefits of the product include: optimize SQL Server performance via performance tuning recommendations; improve DBA productivity by eliminating discovery and diagnosis; and maintain SQL Server performance via real-time and scheduled health check-ups. SQL doctor 1.1 costs $495 per user or as part of the Idera SQL toolbox for $1,295 per user. To learn more, visit

WhereScape Announces Native Support for SSIS

WhereScape, the developer of WhereScape RED, an agile integrated development environment for managing data warehouses, announced native support for Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS). WhereScape customers can now use SSIS to load data into a data warehouse which is designed and managed by WhereScape RED, and then leverage SSIS data movement functionality as part of its data warehouse development, management, and processing activities. Once within the data warehouse, WhereScape RED can transform data and build data warehouse objects in a fraction of the time is takes with typical methods, according to the vendor. For more information, visit

Attunity Improves CDC Suite for SSIS

Attunity has enhanced CDC Suite for SSIS, providing a comprehensive solution for replicating data in real-time across a wide range of sources. Enhancements in the latest version include: heterogeneous replication, zero footprint replication, an enhanced management dashboard and notification services, enhanced performance for Oracle CDC, and automated replication for non-relational data sources. Additional information about Attunity’s solutions can be found at

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