New Products: SQL Monitor 2.3, SQL doctor 2.0, DBMoto 7.1, and More

Red Gate Updates Mobile SQL Monitoring

Red Gate Software has released SQL Monitor 2.3, the latest version of its tool that lets DBAs manage SQL Server from a mobile device. New features in version 2.3 include a display of the top ten most expensive queries; better resolution in analysis graphs; and PagerDuty integration, which lets users receive alerts via call or SMS message. There have also been some enhancements to data purging, performance, reporting, and usability. To learn more, visit

Idera Updates Performance Tool

Idera has released SQL doctor 2.0, the latest version of the company's performance monitoring tool. SQL doctor finds the most urgent SQL Server performance problems and provides recommendations for resolving them. New features include analysis based on three of the most important wait statistics (CXPACKET, ASYNC_NETWORK_IO and PAGEIOLATCH), performance evaluation of any query, the ability to undo scripts generated by SQL doctor, and the ability to direct SQL doctor to a specific area of concern for analysis. To learn more, visit

TotallySQL Launches Function Libraries

TotallySQL has created a suite of new functions, aggregates, and types that gives developers and analysts new functionality with SQL Server's application architecture. With TotallySQL's function libraries, database professionals can do far more processing from within the database, rather than moving the data back and forth across the network for processing. Sample products from TotallySQL include math, statistics, financial analysis, engineering, text processing, and date/time arithmetic. The company also offers services to help clients use CLR-based function libraries to manage their environment. To learn more, visit

BeyondTrust Unveils PowerBroker Database

BeyondTrust has released PowerBroker Database, a new solution that provides monitoring and visibility of privilege user database administration, activities, and security. The product shows DBAs how data is accessed, edited, and tracked, as well as how changes to these elements impact business operations, control, and security. Other benefits include a detailed audit trail of all activity, and segregation of different activities related to compliance. To learn more, visit

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HiT Software Announces DBMoto for Enterprise Integration

HiT Software has announced DBMoto 7.1, the newest version of its change data capture product.  DBMoto now integrates with enterprise data management environments and external data integration projects. New features include open APIs to embed DBMoto into applications or systems, Informix log reading for efficient change data capture, and a Replication Activity Viewer to monitor status and performance. To learn more, visit

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Cofio Delivers Releases AIMstor 2.4

Cofio Software has released AIMstor 2.4, the latest version of its backup, recovery, and deduplication product. According to the vendor, AIMstor 2.4 is the first product to fully unify all key data protection technologies into a single policy, offering real-time backups, continuous data protection backups, replication with an image suitable for application failover, and full restore of any incremental data. The latest version provides automatic identification of SQL Server data on a single machine, or in a network of SQL servers, and syncs them to the AIMstor repository. To learn more, visit

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