New Products, September 2004


Package SQL Server Databases as Executables

Red Gate Software announced SQL Packager, software that packages SQL Server databases as executables so that you can deploy the new or updated databases locally or at remote sites. The software, which relies on engines in Red Gate's SQL Compare and SQL Data Compare products, guides you through four basic packaging steps: deciding on the schema and data you want to package, scripting schema and data to preserve dpendencies, packaging the database as an executable or .NET project, and creating a utility that lets administrators or customers at the new location install the database. Video demos, a PowerPoint presentation, a walk-through, and a fully supported, 14-day trial version of SQL Packager are available for free on the Red Gate Web site at Pricing for SQL Packager starts at $690 for a single-user license, and discounts are available for multi-user versions. For more information, contact Red Gate Software at 866-733-4283, 44-870-160-0037, [email protected], or


Simplify Development of Analytic Applications

Enterprise Blocks announced Enterprise Blocks 2.0, an integrated set of ASP.NET Web controls, Web services, and Windows services for developing analytic applications. The latest release features a new service provider for accessing SQL Server tables directly from Enterprise Blocks clients. The service provider uses the .NET managed provider classes in the System.Data.SQLClient namespace to communicate with SQL Server and support cross-tab and table analysis directly against tables and views in SQL Server. The software uses the field relationships defined in the database to support cross-tab analysis, and you can use SQL Server extended properties to set up additional field relationships; specify field formatting, aggregation functions, and visibility; and set up user-friendly names for fields, tables, and views. This capability lets you develop OLAP-style applications directly against SQL Server data. Enterprise Blocks 2.0 costs $495. For more information, contact Enterprise Blocks at [email protected] or


Manage, Update, and Develop

Imceda announced its Colors of Speed product line, three products that provide SQL Server management capabilities designed to make DBAs more efficient and protect SQL Server 2000 and 7.0 databases. BlueSpeed Coefficient is a monitoring tool that tracks I/O activity and provides reports that you can use to fine-tune the database and improve performance. The software tracks SQL and stored-procedure execution statistics, including call frequency, CPU utilization, execution duration, reads and writes, stored-procedure recompilation and caching, timeouts, errors, and exceptions. GreenSpeed Change Manager is a database comparison tool that compares two databases, displays their differences, and generates scripts that you can use to reconcile those differences. GreenSpeed IDE lets you quickly develop, store, and share code and ensures code accuracy and suitability. Free evaluation copies of all three products are available for download. For pricing and other information, contact Imceda at 888-763-7685, 781-229-6300, [email protected], or


Web-Enable Your Database

MonocerosSoft announced Database Web Explorer 2.01, a tool that lets you Web-enable your database for remote management. The product lets you view names of tables, fields, indexes, and stored procedures and view field definitions and table indexes. In addition, you can remotely add, edit, and delete records, export data to Microsoft Excel or as an SQL script, execute SQL queries, and export query results to Excel—all through the Internet or your organization's intranet. The tool doesn't require COM or ActiveX components or DLLs on either the server or client side. Database Web Explorer is Active Server Pages (ASP)-based and connects to SQL Server through ODBC drivers and OLE DB providers. MonocerosSoft distributes the software over the Internet, and a free demo version is available for download. Database Web Explorer 2.01 costs $39. To purchase the product or for further information, contact MonocerosSoft at [email protected] or


Build Reports from Analysis Services Cubes

XMLA Consulting announced Report Portal 1.4, a zero-footprint OLAP tool that lets you create reports by accessing Analysis Services cubes through the XMLA API. The tool provides reporting features such as the ability to export reports to Microsoft Excel or email, drilldown, sorting and filtering, OLAP write-back, Key Performance Indicator (KPI) support, and data-mining report creation. The tool works with SQL Server 2000 and supports Business Objects' Crystal Reports 8.0. Report Portal 1.4 costs $995 for a single-server or developer license, and $4995 for a companywide enterprise license. A free, 60-day evaluation version is available for download. For more information, contact XMLA Consulting at 813-977-1562, [email protected], or http://


Incorporate SQL Statements into Automated Tasks

Network Automation announced AutoMate 5.0, software that automates front- and back-office IT tasks. By using the software's drag-and-drop interface, you can quickly assemble tasks without writing code. The product lets you incorporate SQL statements into your automated tasks by dragging pre-built actions into AutoMate's Task Builder window, then dropping an SQL object into the sequence. The entire task, including the SQL action, will run automatically when a scheduler or other criterion triggers it. DBAs can use automated tasks to support such business needs as monitoring sales data. The product's new release includes TCP-IP­based remote administration capabilities, customizable error handling, improved debugging, and new triggers and actions. A free, fully functional trial version of AutoMate 5.0 is available for download. For more information or a price quote, contact Network Automation at 888-786-4796, 213-738-1700, or


Improve XML Development

Altova announced Altova 2004 4.0, a comprehensive set of updates to its entire product line. Enhancements to all Altova products include advanced editing features, new data-integration capabilities, UI improvements, and new product editions. MAPFORCE 2004 4.0 features XML-to-database mapping, EDI mapping, a new MAPFORCE engine, and customizable XSLT libraries. XMLSPY 2004 4.0 lets you define XML schemas and construct XML documents, then automatically generate runtime code in multiple programming languages. STYLEVISION 2004 4.0 enables direct database reporting—in one step, you can access SQL Server data, process it in XML, and render it in HTML pages or PDF reports. Upgrades to the new release will be available in the fall, and customers who purchase the company's Support and Maintenance Package with Altova 2004 4.0 can upgrade to the next release for free. For pricing and more information, contact Altova at 978-816-1600, [email protected], or


Develop with SQL Server 2005

Addison-Wesley Professional announced A First Look at SQL Server 2005 for Developers, a book by Bob Beauchemin, Niels Berglund, and Dan Sullivan that shows working developers how to take advantage of innovations in SQL Server 2005. The book includes practical explanations of SQL Server 2005's new data model, built-in .NET hosting, improved programmability, and ANSI SQL-99 compliance. Chapter topics include writing procedures, functions, and triggers in .NET languages; using T-SQL enhancements; the XML data type and XML query languages; SQL Server 2005 as a Web services platform; client-side coding; and using SQL Server 2005's built-in application server capabilities. A First Look at SQL Server 2005 for Developers costs $40.49. For more information or to purchase the book, contact Addison-Wesley Professional at 617-848-6000 or

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