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New Products: Melissa Data, Idera, CA Technologies, and More

Check out the latest products from Melissa Data, Idera, CA Technologies, and Panorama Necto.

Melissa Data Announces Contact Zone

Melissa Data has announced the availability of Contact Zone, its open source data integration software that's optimized for contact data quality. The solution incorporates a simple GUI to help DBAs map data transformations from any database source to any data warehouse. Furthermore, Contact Zone includes several data quality features such as address cleansing and updating, name parsing, and email validation. In addition, Contact Zone eliminates the need for complex software programming. DBAs can easily target the data to be cleaned and apply cleansing options with the solution's drag-and-drop tool.

Idera Announces SQL safe 7.0

Idera has announced the availability of the latest version of its backup and recovery solution, SQL safe 7.0. The recovery solution for SQL Server utilizes Idera's Instant Restore technology that lets DBAs recover production databases in minutes. In addition, SQL safe 7.0 helps eliminate database and application downtime during a restore operation. SQL safe 7.0 streams data from a backup file to support application and users requests while the restore operation completes in the background. SQL safe 7.0 is priced at $995 per instance.

CA Technologies Announces New Product Offerings

CA Technologies has announced the availability of three new product offerings to help DBAs accurately visualize data assets across the enterprise from on-premise platforms and cloud environments. CA ERwin Data Modeler for SQL Azure is a new solution that lets users manage and integrate their Microsoft SQL Azure cloud database environments. This solution utilizes common modeling paradigms to provide visibility into data assets. In addition, the CA Erwin Web Portal lets DBAs visualize metadata information to better understand the business context of data assets. Finally, CA ERwin Data Modeler r8.2 helps facilitate collaboration across the enterprise with concurrent licensing for more flexible product usage and tracking. In addition, the solution's Active Model templates make it easy for users to share and reuse model objects.

Panorama Necto Adds Microsoft SharePoint Enhancements

Panorama Software announced that its social business intelligence (BI) solution, Panorama Necto, now includes enhanced Microsoft SharePoint integration. With this improvement, SharePoint users can now leverage Panorama Necto's dashboards and reports within the SharePoint environment. Furthermore, SharePoint users can access and contribute to Panorama Necto's discussions within the SharePoint MySite platform. "Our socially-enabled solution is intended to act as a seamless extension of the Microsoft platform, and provides reporting compatibility with multiple Microsoft products," said Eynav Azarya, CEO of Panorama Software.

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