New Products, July 2004

Interactively Access Data in Reporting Services

SPSS announced that the latest version of its Web-based OLAP solution, OLAP Hub, supports SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services. OLAP Hub lets users perform sophisticated analyses of large amounts of data, and Reporting Services lets users access relevant information through a variety of channels, including email, intranets, portals, and application-specific repositories. Integration of the two technologies lets users work with any Reporting Services report and convert it to an interactive OLAP Hub view, providing ad hoc navigation and drill-down capabilities through one interface. For pricing and other information, contact SPSS at 800-543-2185, 312-651-3000, [email protected], or

Create Mobile Applications That Use SQL Server CE

SYWARE announced that its application-development environment, Visual CE, now supports the creation of forms that use data from SQL Server 2000 Windows CE Edition databases. By using SYWARE's add-on tool, sqlceEnable, Visual CE developers can use data from any SQL Server CE database to create mobile forms for a variety of applications, from patient tracking to inventory management. Together, Visual CE and SQL Server CE let developers design and deploy mobile applications in whatever format they need. Visual CE includes an array of mobile development tools and supports GPS devices and barcode scanners. The software also provides the ability to send Short Message Service (SMS) messages directly from within a database application. Developers can create Visual CE applications on any Microsoft Windows Mobile, Windows CE, or Pocket PC handheld, as well as on any Windows-based desktop system. Visual CE Personal Edition costs $129, and Visual CE Professional Edition costs $399. For more information, contact SYWARE at 617-497-8729 or

Passively Audit SQL Server's Transaction Log

ApexSQL Software announced ApexSQL Log 1.1, a transaction log­auditing tool that lets you analyze and display information about data changes. ApexSQL Log lets you passively review the contents of your SQL Server transaction log and transaction-log backups. The tool lets you audit activity without using triggers or other mechanisms that require overhead, and you can audit changes that occurred before you installed the tool. The most recent release of the product includes support for UNDO and REDO and for reading detached files. Filters let you group and sort data, and you can produce output in XML or Microsoft Excel. ApexSQL Log works with SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Pricing for a single-user license starts at $499. For a free trial version and more information, contact ApexSQL Software at 866-665-5500, [email protected], or

Prevent Database Attacks

Application Security announced AppRadar, a database intrusion-protection system that lets enterprises thwart database-level attacks and malicious behavior. The system detects real attacks and misuse on the database, detects and prevents complex attacks from valid users, facilitates information-security lockdown policies, and ensures more efficient use of enterprise IT resources. The host-based system works with a continuously updated database security knowledge base. AppRadar supports SQL Server 2000 and MSDE 2000 databases. For pricing or to download an evaluation version, contact Application Security at 866-927-7732 or

Synchronize SQL Server Databases

e-dule Software announced DB SynchroComp 3.0, a tool for synchronizing SQL Server 7.0 and later databases. The tool determines differences between two databases, then generates a script that changes the target database structure to match the source database structure. The product's latest release lets you save the database schema in a file for later use and lets you save the difference report in a text file. Other new features include support for extended properties and handling of unique constraints, more intuitive script generation, and a bug work-around that enables execution of sp_helpdb on all SQL Servers. DB SynchroComp costs $499.95, and you can download a free evaluation copy. For more information, contact e-dule Software at [email protected] or

Construct Better BI Applications

Charles River Media announced Building Business Intelligence Applications with .NET, a book by Robert Ericsson that teaches developers how to use .NET technologies to build applications for data mining, statistical analysis, or OLAP. Making data accessible to executives and analysts is a challenge all businesses face. This book explains the steps for creating business intelligence (BI) applications and how to integrate them with existing transactional applications. Topics include data warehousing, working with OLAP cubes, using ADO MD.NET, and working with Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services and Business Objects' Crystal Reports. The book comes with a CD-ROM that contains all the source code in the book and URLs for standard documents related to topics including XML and Web services. Building Business Intelligence Applications with .NET costs $49.95, and you can read a sample chapter at For more information or to order, contact Charles River Media at 800-382-8505, [email protected], or

Ensure Secure Transactions

JNetDirect announced JSecureConnect, a Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) driver that provides secure- and firewall-tunneling JDBC to a variety of databases, including SQL Server 2000, 7.0, and 6.5, Microsoft Access, Oracle, IBM DB2, and MySQL. The product provides secure JDBC access over SSL and HTTPS protocols and firewall tunneling over HTTP and HTTPS protocols. You can also configure the product for operation with your Web server. The driver is a pure Java product and operates on any Java-enabled platform. JSecureConnect costs $625 for a GroupServer license and $1750 for a BusinessServer license. Contact JNetDirect at 800-995-8534, 571-203-7275, [email protected], or

Learn to Use XQuery

Addison-Wesley announced XQuery: The XML Query Language, a book by Michael Brundage, the technical lead for XML query processing at Microsoft. The book provides readers with a complete description of the language and is suitable for beginners as well as experts. The book introduces the foundations of XQuery, explains the basic design goals of the language, and shows you how to apply XQuery in real-world development. You can use this book to learn what XQuery expressions do and how to use them to accomplish specific tasks. The book includes accessible examples, so you can use it as a tutorial and a reference. At 544 pages, XQuery: The XML Query Language costs $44.99. For more information or to buy the book, visit Addison-Wesley at

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