New Products, January 2006


Enhance Security with Change Auditing

Application Security announced AppDetective 5.2, a database vulnerability-assessment scanner that includes new distributed-management and granular security-change auditing capabilities.The AppDetective Distributed System comprises two main components, the Distribution manager and the Remote Engines, which work together to let you standardize and centralize reporting and analysis. In addition, the product's Security Change Auditing tracks and analyzes all database modifications.The latest release of the product lets you centrally track and log the precise location of database changes and triggers alerts in the event of a security breach.You can use the product to centrally manage patch levels of all databases.And the product lets you ensure database integrity by validating planned changes and tracking and reporting unintended or unauthorized changes. A free evaluation version of AppDetective 5.2 is available for download.For more information, contact Application Security at 866-927-7732, [email protected], or

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Ease Database Design, Development, and Maintenance

AquaFold announced Aqua Data Studio 4.5, software that provides features for administration of all major relational databases, including SQL Server, Oracle, Sybase, Informix, and MySQL, through a consistent interface. The latest release of the product includes new features that let users extract data and database designs, visualize them, and migrate them to other database platforms.The product includes a script generator that provides the ability to reverse-engineer a database schema design and generate the appropriate SQL commands to reconstruct the schema.You can also use the reverse-engineered schema to generate entity relationship (ER) diagrams to visually understand the design and relationships in the database. The new procedure editor provides an environment that lets you easily edit, compile, and run stored procedures and edit procedures, functions, and Oracle packages and PL/SQL statements. Additional enhancements include a "visual explain plan" whiteboard for easy comparison of SQL statement tuning plans and an improved query tool. Pricing for Aqua Data Studio 4.5 starts at $149 for a single-user commercial license. For information or to download the product, contact AquaFold at


Protect Databases and Data

SoftTree Technologies announced DB Audit Expert 2.7, a complete set of auditing solutions for SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Sybase database environments.The solutions provide complete access control and realtime information that you need for effective enterprise security operations and IT governance requirements. You implement the solutions on the database back end, thus eliminating backdoor access to the database. Then, the solutions let database and system administrators, security administrators, auditors, and operators track and analyze database activity, including data creation, change, or deletion.The latest release provides transparent system-level and data-change auditing of existing applications without application changes. In addition, the new release includes several new tools for database penetration testing, vulnerability assessment, and security auditing in heterogeneous environments. The enterprise edition includes a new Alert Center, which automates checking of database audit-trail records. Pricing for DB Audit Expert 2.7 starts at $299 per server, and the new release is free to existing customers. For more information, contact Soft-Tree Technologies at 800-289-9256, [email protected], or


Migrate OLAP Cubes from Essbase to Analysis Services

ExoLogic announced CubePort, an analytics porting application that facilitates migration of OLAP cubes from Hyperion Essbase to Analysis Services.The application uses best-practices to convert most aspects of an Essbase application to Analysis Services, including outlines, load rules, report scripts, security (users, groups, and filters), substitution variables, and complex member formulas. Key features include native data loads and reloads, a grammar-to-grammar parser, an equivalency library, and a competitor reconversion program. CubePort is determined per cube, and volume discounts apply. For more information, contact ExoLogic at 972-764-5345, [email protected], or

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