New Products, January 2005


Expand Database Administration and Analytic Functionality

Embarcadero Technologies announced DBArtisan Workbench 8.0, software that delivers advanced storage, performance, capacity, and backup management for SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Sybase databases. The latest release includes DBArtisan Space Analyst, Performance Analyst, and Capacity Analyst, which provide diagnostics, correction mechanisms, and historical analysis and forecasting features to improve database efficiency and productivity. Key among the additions in this release is Backup Analyst for Microsoft SQL Server, a backup-and-recovery engine that provides storage compression, reduces backup and recovery times, and provides powerful encryption security options for SQL Server DBAs who need an enterprise solution. Backup Analyst includes a new management UI and a command-line interface that lets DBAs use Backup Analyst functionality in any SQL script. For pricing and other information, contact Embarcadero Technologies at 415-834-3131 extension 3, [email protected], or


Call Data-Mining and Cleaning Components

Numerical Algorithms Group (NAG) announced Data Mining and Cleaning Components 2.0 (DMC 2.0), a collection of callable components that programmers can select and integrate into existing applications to improve data-mining and cleaning capabilities. Product improvements result from a 3-year European Union−funded research project (EUREDIT) and include enhanced data cleaning, advances in outlier identification, and new machine-learning and pattern-recognition functionality. DMC also provides data transformation (scaling, principal component analysis), clustering, classification, and regression model routines. You can find a complete list of DMC 2.0 functionality at For pricing and other information, contact NAG at 630-971-2337, [email protected], or


Automate Creation and Entry of Test Data

DTM Soft announced DTM Data Generator, software that creates data sets and automatically enters data for testing performance, quality assurance, load, or usability. DTM Data Generator lets you fill databases randomly, by mask, or with data from an existing table. The product can create data sets that contain multiple tables, each with its own rules, value range, and parameters, so that your test data accommodates a range of applications. DTM Data Generator can also produce SQL statements for any operation. DTM Soft distributes the product electronically over the Internet. DTM Data Generator costs $89, and you can download a free demonstration version at For more information, contact DTM Soft at [email protected] or


Analyze Your Code

New Zealand Computing Solutions announced ISQLME 1.00.03, query-analyzer software that includes templates and shortcut keys to help developers write common MSDE and SQL Server tasks and syntax. You can use ISQLME as a development tool to script database objects (both to create new objects and design-check existing objects) and convert SQL into Delphi code and Delphi code into SQL. You can also use the product as a support tool to locate database errors and inconsistencies such as duplicate records or bad keys. ISQLME costs $29.95. For more information, contact New Zealand Computing Solutions at 025-494-363, [email protected], or


Meet CIS Level 2 Benchmarks

BindView announced that its Compliance Center software, which evaluates and reports system security status, has been certified against the Center for Internet Security (CIS) Level 2 Benchmarks for Windows 2000 Server and Windows 2000 Professional OSs. Compliance Center includes two modules. The Configuration Advisor module lets you create and manage internal standards for your systems and reviews your enterprise against those standards. The Compliance Center for CIS Benchmarks module improves network security on a large scale, appropriately applying CIS benchmarks to every machine in your system and reporting the degree of compliance to appropriate personnel. Compliance Center can help you protect sensitive consumer information against identity theft and privacy violations, harden your systems against internal or external attacks, and avoid liability for noncompliance with security legislation. You can learn more and request a product evaluation CD at For pricing and other information, contact BindView at 713-561-4000 or


Script, Compare, and Synchronize SQL Server Databases

xSQL Software announced xSQL Object 1.5, a utility for SQL Server DBAs and administrators that lets you script, compare, and synchronize SQL Server databases, tables, stored procedures, views, and user-defined functions (UDFs). xSQL Object compares objects and produces scripts that you can review, adjust if necessary, and run; the product does not modify your databases. The new release requires SQL Server 2000 and the .NET Framework 1.1 or later. New product features include support for full-text indexes and full-text catalogs, support for scripting user information (login and membership roles), and the ability to exclude multi-line or single-line comments from compare functions. Improvements in this release include a rewritten rebuild dependency function that performs a full refresh of the dependency tree and a completely new display interface for comparison scripts. You can download a free trial version at the company's Web site, and the product is priced from $199 for a single-user license. For more information, contact xSQL Software at [email protected] or


Leverage Reporting Services

Apress announced Pro SQL Server Reporting Services by Rodney Landrum and Walter J. Voytek II, a book that looks at each step in the process of designing, creating, and delivering reports by using SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services. The book includes a detailed overview of the reporting architecture and tools and the new Report Definition Language (RDL) standard, which is XML based and lets you define reports in Visual Studio .NET. The authors use practical examples to show how to build effective queries for high-performance reporting; how to use Reporting Services to build custom .NET applications; how to render reports in HTML, XML, PDF, and Microsoft Excel formats; how to deploy secure reports by using Windows authentication through Active Directory; and how to create business intelligence (BI) reports by using SQL Server Analysis Services. The 320-page book costs $39.99. For more information, contact Apress at 510-549-5930, [email protected], or

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