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New Products: Intelligent Database Solutions, DH2i, Idera, and More

Intelligent Database Solutions Releases Free SQL Cloud Backup Software

Intelligent Database Solutions has announced the availability of its backup solution, SQL Cloud Backup. This free solution provides users with capabilities to create local backups. In addition, users can create, compress, encrypt, and save SQL Server backups directly to their local disk. The solution includes an optional cloud backup service, which is available at five different subscription plans ranging from Basic to Platinum. To learn more about this free software offering, visit the SQL Cloud Backup website.

DH2i Announces SQL Server Consolidation Solution: DxConsole

DH2i has announced the availability of its SQL Server consolidation solution, DxConsole. According to DH2i, the solution was developed to address increasing costs and management complexity related to SQL Server sprawl. This solution does this by letting users virtualize SQL Server instances and consolidating SQL Server databases, servers, and storage into private cloud utilities. DxConsole is priced at $8,500 per license. For more information, visit the DxConsole product page.

Idera Announces SQL doctor 3.0

Idera has announced the availability of its performance tuning solution, SQL doctor 3.0. The latest version of this solution now provides a new server dashboard that gives DBAs with an overview of the current health of a SQL Server instance. The solution also includes real-time statistics and provides DBAs with recommendations to address any problems. Key server information such as processes, network interface cards, processors, cache, and memory are displayed to help DBAs understand how these components can impact SQL Server performance. SQL doctor 3.0 is available for $495 per user. To learn more about this solution, visit the SQL doctor 3.0 product page.

Predixion Software Releases Predixion Insight 2.2 with SQL Server 2012 Support

Predixion Software has announced the release of its predictive analytics solution for business intelligence (BI) professionals, Predixion Insight 2.2, which now includes support for SQL Server 2012 and PowerPivot 2012. The solution incorporates an Excel-based modeling solution so users can simplify the process of sharing models across the enterprise and automate predictions directly from source data to SharePoint dashboards, portals, or business applications. Predixion Insight 2.2 is available as an off-site public and private cloud offering and is also available as an on-premises solution. To learn more about Predixion Insight 2.2, visit the Predixion Software's product page.

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