New Products: Hedgehog Enterprise 4.1, SQL Complete, DB PowerStudio, and More

Sentrigo Updates Hedgehog Enterprise Database Security Suite

Sentrigo has announced Hedgehog Enterprise 4.1, the latest version of its database security suite. One key change is additional platform support of Sybase and MySQL databases in Hedgehog DBscanner, the company's vulnerability assessment and security scanning solution. Other new features include additional tests for identifying vulnerabilities related to setup of the database management system; the ability to define your own criteria for data discovery; and the ability to automatically scan networks to discover databases. To learn more, visit

Simplify Testing and Safeguard Database Performance

Quest Software has announced the addition of a wizard-based workload replay feature to its database performance testing tool, Benchmark Factory for Databases. In addition to scalability and benchmark testing capabilities, the product lets users can more easily capture production workload and replay it in a testing environment. Also, Benchmark Factory lets you easily determine the impact of unavoidable changes—such as patches and upgrades, operating system migrations, and adjustments to virtual machine configurations—and make decisions based on data. Finally, the product can run "what if" scenarios to determine how a variation will affect a transaction. To learn more, visit

Devart Updates SQL Complete, Releases Data Studio

Devart has enhanced dbForge SQL Complete and released dbForge Data Studio for SQL Server. SQL Complete is an add-in that offers auto-completion and formatting T-SQL code. New features include extending List Members, Complete Word, and Parameter Info features, as well as adding a SQL Formatter to make typing T-SQL queries more efficient. Data Studio is a new application that lets administrators explore, analyze, and report on data in SQL Server. Specific features include the ability to get a quick data view for any database object, a data comparison tool, a wizard reporting tool, and more. To learn more, visit

Red Gate Releases ANTS Memory Profiler 7

Red Gate Software has released ANTS Memory Profiler 7, a new tool that makes finding and fixing memory problems easier. The product has three primary improvements in this version: a new summary screen that jumps directly to causes of common problems; an Instance Categorizer that tells why groups of objects are held in memory, making it simpler to find leaks; and an API that automates precise timing of snapshots within the developer's code. To learn more, visit

Embarcadero Offers Lower-Cost Performance Tuning Tool

Embarcadero has released DB PowerStudio for SQL Server, a lower-cost studio that combines several of Embarcadero’s most popular database tools, making it easier and more affordable for SQL Server professionals to improve the performance and availability of their databases. The product comes in two versions, a Developer Edition and a DBA Edition. Both offer capabilities such as Rapid SQL (an environment that simplifies scripting), DB Change Manager (simplified change tracking), and DB Optimizer (diagnose and optimize poor-performing queries). The DBA Edition also includes DBArtisan Workbench, which is an administrative tool letting DBAs work with multiple SQL Server versions and databases from a single interface. The product starts at $995. To learn more, visit

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