New Products, February 2006

Enable Realtime Montoring of SQL Servers

Idera announced the SQL diagnostic manager Web Console, an addition to its SQL diagnostic manager tool. The new console lets you access realtime performance and diagnostic information anytime, anywhere, from a Web browser. Multiple DBAs can use this immediate access to respond quickly to SQL Server database problems. The console facilitates monitoring of hundreds of SQL Server instances and offers drill-down views into individual SQL Server databases to provide deep diagnostic data through a Microsoft Outlook-style interface. SQL diagnostic manager Web Console costs $295 per monitored SQL Server instance. For more information, contact Idera at 877-464-3372, 713-523-4433, [email protected], or

Make Databases Run Faster

Norb Technologies announced Visual Defrag 2005, a tool for defragmenting database tables in SQL Server 2005, 2000, and 7.0. The tool lets DBAs quickly improve database performance without needing to write complex code. The tool comes with a built-in scheduler that lets you set up defragmentation jobs when you want. You can toggle between a graphical and textual display of the fragmentation state of your tables, and the tool lets you see statistics about what's happening in tables and alerts you to the most heavily fragmented tables. In addition, the tool creates for each database a summary report that you can save as a text file, in HTML, or in your favorite reporting package. Pricing forVisual Defrag 2005 Professional Edition starts at $395 for a singleuser license (up to 15 servers), and a free 45-day demo version is available for download. For more information, contact Norb Technologies at [email protected] or

Give Users Access to Analysis Services Cubes

IQub announced OLAP BrowserVersion 4, an on-demand, point-and-click analysis-and-reporting solution for non-technical SQL Server users. The software turns raw data into relevant information for supporting business decisions that users can access through a direct connect or through LAN access to SQL Server Analysis Services cubes by means of a standard network connection. Remote or Internet users can access Analysis Services cubes through HTTP. The software gives users the ability to create and access local cubes for offline processing when they're working at home or on the road. Once they've got the information they need, users can edit, filter, and replicate cubes for distribution and create reports or share cube interactive views with other users for collaborative analysis. Pricing for OLAP Browser Version 4 is on a perseat or per-desktop basis, and the software is available to download for a free trial. For more information, contact IQub at 800-680-4782, [email protected], or

Boost SQL Server Performance

Quickshift announced Quickshift for Microsoft SQL Server, software that helps you increase performance for crucial business applications by optimizing data movement between your server's processor, memory, and storage subsystems. The product uses a virtual buffer cache to make data movement more efficient, and employs a unique set of patented algorithms that intelligently determine what data should reside in the cache. The product features simple installation and is invisible to user applications and the OS. The UI makes the product easy to administer. Pricing for Quickshift starts at $999 per processor for the Standard Edition, and volume discounts are available. To learn more, contact Quickshift at 512-342-0474, [email protected], or

Get Intelligent Standby Capability for SQL Server

Sonasoft announced the addition of intelligent standby capability to SonaSafe for SQL Server, backup-and-recovery software that provides unique capabilities including automated backup and point-of-failure or point-in-time recovery. Users can back up and recover one database, multiple databases, one SQL Server instance, or an entire server. Key benefits include a template-driven automated backup plan; the ability to recover from anywhere; compression, which reduces storage costs by up to 85 percent; a Web-based interface; an automated, policybased purging functionality; the ability to manage multiple servers through a management console; and excellent diagnostic capability. SonaSafe supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0, and a free evaluation copy is available on request. For more information, contact Sonasoft at 408-927-6200 or

Experience SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Functionality

ProClarity announced ProClarity 6.1, analytics software designed specifically for compatibility with SQL Server 2005. New features in the latest release include advanced support of the Unified Dimensional Model (UDM), a redesigned dashboard, and a new charting engine. In addition, the platform features tight integration with Microsoft business intelligence (BI) features,which lets you exploit SQL Server 2005 BI improvements while simplifying the experience for you and your users across Analysis Services and Reporting Services. New business charts are optimized for Web deployments, allowing zero-footprint, interactive charting based on ProClarity analytics. And a new ProClarity Publishing Server, a new ProClarity Dashboard Server, and new integration with Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager improve the way you deliver and communicate analytics. For more information, contact ProClarity at 208-344-1630, [email protected], or

See and Understand Data

Tableau Software announced Tableau 1.5, visual analysis software that lets users dynamically create useful views of data. In addition to support for SQL Server 2000, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, MySQL, and Hyperion Essbase, the latest release of the product includes support for SQL Server 2005,Analysis Services 2005, and Oracle.A new interface, Tableau ShowMe!, helps users automatically create views of data by selecting data fields and clicking ShowMe! Then, the software automatically generates the analytical view of that data.Tableau 1.5 also has formatting control that includes customized sort ordering; multiple scales for axes in the same display; color binning and palette selection; font and number formats; and support for customized labels, descriptions, and captions. Tableau 1.5 lets you export high-resolution data displays to Microsoft Word and Microsoft PowerPoint and export cross-tabs to Excel. The software also automatically generates captions for presentations. Tableau Software offers a 30-day free trial. For more information, please visit the vendor’s Web site at

Black Box Streamlines Development Lifecycle

Identify announced that its applicationdevelopment automation tool, AppSight 6.0, is integrated with Visual Studio 2005. App-Sight 6.0 technology automates the process of problem resolution throughout the development lifecycle by using a software module known as the AppSight Black Box. The module operates like an aircraft black-box flight recorder, recording application execution and capturing a realtime log of user actions, configuration data and code execution. Time savings are realized when the developer doesn’t have to try to recreate the problem. You can access Appsight 6.0 and Black Box functionality through an embedded UI in Visual Studio 2005. For more information, contact Identify at 212-629-0003 or

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