New Products, February 2004


Integrate BI into Existing Applications

Enterprise Blocks announced its Enterprise Blocks business intelligence (BI) toolkit, which lets developers create enterprise-class analytic applications without the high cost of a proprietary analytic platform. The software's two-tier architecture lets you integrate data analysis into existing business solutions. Enterprise Blocks contains Microsoft .NET class libraries that let you build database queries by using object-oriented techniques. The software's Web service APIs are designed according to OLE DB for OLAP and XML for Analysis specifications. Enterprise Blocks supports SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services, and pricing starts at $1995 per server. For more information, contact Enterprise Blocks at


Develop .NET Applications

LogicLibrary announced Logidex for .NET, a library of software-development assets (SDAs). Software architects, business analysts, and developers can search the library of preloaded .NET building blocks to develop applications based on the .NET Framework. The preloaded building blocks include frameworks, patterns, best practices, sample code, and associated artifacts. The Logidex add-in for Visual Studio .NET 2003 lets application developers access Logidex's SDA management capabilities--including a wizard-driven capture tool for adding an organization's own SDAs to the library and mapping SDA relationships to each other and to the preloaded .NET content--from within Visual Studio. You can access a read-only version of the Logidex .NET Library on the Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) at Logidex for .NET works with SQL Server 2000. Pricing for Logidex for .NET enterprise edition starts at $250,000. For further information, contact LogicLibrary at


Monitor and Detect Blocked SQL Statements

Sql Power Tools announced the Stealth Blocked Process Monitor, software that lets DBAs and developers accurately monitor and detect blocked SQL statements. When a block occurs, the product shows the associated SQL text, plan description, database locks involved in the block, resource utilization, and the length of time the SQL statement was blocked. The software also maintains a history of blocks and pinpoints and ranks SQL statements that are most frequently involved in blocking so that you can solve your most common blocking problems. For more information and pricing, contact Sql Power Tools at [email protected] or

Manage Heterogeneous Databases

Quest Software announced Quest Central for Databases 4.0, software that lets you automate database administration, performance diagnostics, tuning, application testing, and space management across heterogeneous database platforms. The product's latest version supports SQL Server, so DBAs can manage their SQL Server databases along with databases on Oracle and IBM DB2 through one central console. The product also includes a built-in Knowledge Base for each database environment and an automated tuning methodology to help streamline performance management. Pricing for Quest Central for Databases 4.0 starts at $1500. For more information, contact Quest Software at

Build, Manage, and Maintain Your Database

AquaFold announced Aqua Data Studio 3.5, a universal database tool for building, managing and maintaining enterprise relational databases. Developed in Java, the latest release includes schema extraction and SQL scripting for database objects. The tool lets you put the SQL Data Manipulation Language (DML) for tables, views, stored procedures, and all database objects in a query window. SQL history capabilities let you access the history of all SQL statements and executed scripts. A new pop-up query window lets you open multiple query windows to compare scripts and query results. And the tool includes new schema support and trusted-connection support for SQL Server through an ODBC interface. Aqua Data Studio supports all major database platforms, including SQL Server 2000 and 7.0, Oracle 8i and 9i, IBM DB2, Informix Dynamic Server, Sybase Adaptive Server, Sybase Anywhere, MySQL, and PostgreSQL. Aqua Data Studio commercial licenses start at $69 with quantity discounts and include free licenses for personal and educational use. For more information, contact AquaFold at

Migrate to 64-Bit SQL Server

NEC Solutions announced the NEC SQL Server Solution, a comprehensive package of hardware, software, and training to simplify the process of migrating to SQL Server 2000 64-bit. The solution uses NEC's GlobalMaster Professional server software on NEC Express5800/1000Xd Series servers, a combination that lets you dynamically reconfigure processing elements while ensuring high availability. The solution includes comprehensive training, so organizations with limited IT resources can get the help they need for a successful migration. Pricing for the full solution, including training and services, starts at less than $190,000. For more information, contact NEC Solutions at 866-632-3226 or


Solve Application Problems and Recover Data

Lumigent announced Log Explorer 4.0, software that provides access to transaction-log information so that you can solve application problems and recover or salvage data. The software lets you locate changes in database transactions, selectively recover modified, deleted, dropped, or truncated data, and export data for analysis and reporting. Enhancements in the latest release include a new alerting functionality, which notifies you when a deadlock or rollback occurs; new user-based filtering options, which let you filter information by Windows workstation username and SQL Server login name or by client host name and SQL Server application name; a new Restoring Tables from Backup functionality, which lets you quickly find a dropped table transaction; and new undo and redo commands for stored procedures, triggers, views, and functions. Log Explorer 4.0 supports SQL Server 2000 and 7.0. Pricing starts at $1400. For more information, contact Lumigent at 866-586-4436 or

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