New Products: Devart, Pranas.NET, jnetDirect

New Products: Devart, Pranas.NET, jnetDirect

SQLBackupAndFtp Now Supports Windows Azure SQL Databases

Pranas.NET recently announced a new version of SQLBackupAndFtp that supports Windows Azure SQL database backups. SQLBackupAndFtp is the latest version of software for SQL Server database backups that extends support for Windows Azure SQL database backups. The free software is great for DBAs who aren’t ready to pay for such tasks.

In addition to being able to send backups to Windows Azure SQL databases, SqlBackupAndFtp can send backups to Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3,, and SkyDrive. SQLBackupAndFtp is also handy for DBAs who decide they want to migrate to the cloud.

SqlBackupAndFtp was developed in 2008 to create backups of SQL Server databases as an alternative to expensive and complicated professional products of a similar type. Visit the SqlBackupAndFtp website to download the latest free version. See SQL Server Pro’s articles “Getting Started with SQL Azure Database” and “Integrating SQL Server and the Cloud” for more information.

SQLBackupAndFtp's Azure Backup Dashboard
SQLBackupAndFtp's Azure Backup Dashboard

More than 90 Options for Perfect SQL Formatting Online with Devart’s New Free Tool

Devart has released an online SQL formatter with more than 90 options that let users customize the formatting of their SQL code. The new SQL Server formatter contains several new features that will help users format their SQL code. Features include syntax highlighting, which highlights all reserved words, and syntax check, which underlines, locates and explains any and all errors in the code. These features allow for much easier problem solving. Also, SQL code formatting is even easier with the ability to load files with code directly from a computer without copying and pasting it manually into the formatter.

These formatting options are also available for free in SQL Complete Professional Edition.You can get started with playing with SQL Formatter for SQL Server on Devart’s website. Be sure to check out the SQL Server Pro articles, "Write Code Without Having to Type It" and "Quality Coding vs. Quick Coding."

jnetDirect Releases JSQLConnect 7.1 with Full SSL Support

Following Microsoft's announcement, including the release of SQL Server 2014, jnetDirect announced JSQLConnect 7.1. jnetDirect stated that JSQLConnect Version 7.1 and other products are now fully tested and certified with popular SQL Server cloud offerings that provide the user with full SSL support to the cloud.

An important feature of JSQLConnect 7.1 is that it now supports SQL Server 2012 and its accompanying features. Implemented Read-Only Intent support, which includes the AlwaysOn Availability Groups and the ability to configure a given availability replica to support read-only connection access is now available. Using these active secondary capabilities improves IT efficiency and reduces costs through better resource utilization of secondary hardware.

Routing support is also available and includes the Availability Group Listeners feature introduced in SQL Server Pack 2012. An availability group listener is a virtual network name (VNN) that clients can connect to so that they can access a database in a primary or secondary replica of an AlwaysOn availability group. It lets a client to connect to an availability replica without knowing the name of the physical instance of SQL Server he or she is connecting to. See SQL Server Pro’s “7 Steps to SSL Encryption” and “Key Ways to Secure ASP.NET Applications with a SQL Server Back End” for more information on SSL security.

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