New Products, August 2005


Get a Snapshot Audit Trail

General Entropy Software announced HindSight 2005, a database history snap-in for SQL Server 2000. The system captures database operations as they occur, writing a complete audit trail to an alternate history database. The product provides details about database changes and also adds a simple SQL-based interface for viewing the result set of a query in time. A typical T-SQL statement might produce a list of employees; a similar statement in HindSight 2005 produces a list of employees at an exact point in time. You can join or aggregate snapshots just as you would normal T-SQL statements. The product provides access to historical information through direct T-SQL statements, so you don't need external tools or APIs. You can open the product's console as a standalone MMC snap-in or as a child branch under a server in Enterprise Manager. Other features include automatic schema verification, customized purging, and system metrics. Pricing for HindSight 2005 starts at $475 for a single-server, single-CPU license, and a free trial is available for download. For more information, contact General Entropy Software at 800-487-7760, [email protected], or


Back Up SQL Server to DVD

Cristalink Limited announced Firestreamer-DVD 1.6, software that lets the Microsoft Backup Utility access DVD media. The product includes support for SQL Server Backup (SQLBackup) and lets you natively back up live SQL Server databases directly to DVD. The software emulates a virtual tape drive and seamlessly integrates with SQL Server, supporting all the features of SQLBackup, including complete, differential, and transaction-log backups; data compression; media spanning; backup scheduling with SQL Server Agent; manual backups with Enterprise Manager; and automated backups with SQL script or any other programming language that supports SQL-DMO objects. Firestreamer-DVD also supports general-purpose backups to DVD with the Microsoft Backup Utility (NTBackup), has the ability to span large backups across multiple DVD writers, and supports bare-metal restore with Windows Automated System Recovery. Firestreamer-DVD costs $30 for a single-computer license, and a fully functional 30-day trial version is available for download. For more information, contact Cristalink Limited at 64-9-837-7641, [email protected], or


Get Complete Analytics for SQL Server 2005

ProClarity announced that ProClarity Analytics Platform 6.0 includes support for SQL Server 2005. The platform was developed with SQL Server 2005 Community Technology Previews (CTPs) to take advantage of Microsoft business intelligence (BI) functionality. The support in ProClarity's platform for SQL Server 2005 provides a comprehensive reporting and analysis solution. ProClarity Analytics Platform lets you use more than 3000 APIs to quickly build and deploy custom analytic applications that give business decision makers the information they need to understand your organization's history, see what's happening now, and plan for the future. In addition, the platform's integration with SQL Server Reporting Services lets you use ad hoc dimensional query capabilities to deliver information in clear, understandable reports. For more information about ProClarity Analytics Platform 6.0, visit the company's online demo center at or contact ProClarity at 208-344-1630, [email protected], or http://www

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