New Products, April 2006

Simplify XML Data Integration

Stylus Studio announced the latest release of its XML IDE, Stylus Studio 2006 XML Enterprise Edition. The new release features updated support for both XQuery 1.0 and Extensible Style Language Transformations (XSLT) 2.0, both of which have integrated support for Stylus Studio 2006 XML Deployment Adapters.The Deployment Adapters are Java components that let you read and write data, whether your data source is XML, relational, EDI, or legacy data. Additional features include Folding XML Code support and integrated support for the Saxon SA 8.6 processor. Pricing for Stylus Studio 2006 XML Enterprise Edition starts at $895 for a single-user license.You can develop the Deployment Adapters by using the product, but you can deploy them only by purchasing a deployment license, which starts at $1000 for a single processor. For more information, contact Stylus Studio at 781-280-4488, [email protected], or

Simplify Database Management and Development

Layton Technology released Layton Database Manager, a management tool that simplifies database administration and development for SQL Server 2005 Express Edition and Microsoft SQL Server Desktop Engine (MSDE). Users perform database management functions in the product's GUI.You can add, edit, or delete tables, views, users, roles, stored procedures, rules, and user-defined data types (UDTs).The GUI also lets you build SQL queries, set primary keys, change column properties, back up and restore databases, and change authentication mode. Pricing for Layton Database Manager starts at $795 for a site license. For more information, contact Layton Technology at 813-319-1390, [email protected], or

Improve Development and Deployment

MicroFour announced StrataFrame Application Framework, a layered application framework written for .NET 2.0 and designed for building SQL Server, Oracle, and OLE DB applications.The product lets you program in any .NET language and integrates directly into the Visual Studio 2005 IDE.The framework also gives you improved functionality within its objects while increasing the speed and accuracy of your development. The StrataFrame product line also includes the Database Deployment Toolkit which works with the framework to deploy specific database structures without the use of scripts. The toolkit is a software application that uses an editor for creation, maintenance, and deployment of all elements of a SQL Server database. Pricing for MicroFour Strata Frame Application Framework starts at $1295 per developer, and the Database Deployment Toolkit starts at $345 per developer. For more information, contact MicroFour at 866-491-6162, [email protected], or

Manage ADO.NET Data Tables

Red Brook Software announced WiredNav 3.0, a Microsoft .NET control for managing ADO.NET data tables. The product connects with Visual Studio's SqlDataAdapter control and at runtime, will automatically connect to every data object on your Windows Form.You can use WiredNav in your database applications without needing to write code or make initial property settings. In addition,WiredNav adds flexible support for SQL Server Reporting Services and Crystal Reports for Visual Studio .NET. Pricing for Red Brook Software WiredNav 3.0 starts at $199 for a single-user license. For more information, contact Red Brook Software at 518-248-3450, [email protected], or

Migrate Development Database to Production Server

TulaSoft announced SQL Examiner 1.2, a database comparison and synchronization tool that gives you scripted synchronization of SQL Server databases for migration from a development database server to the production server.The product lets you define the objects to be compared and builds a synchronization script that you can modify according to your needs. While SQL Examiner is migrating the database, it also verifies the success of the replication of new objects and provides warnings in case of a problem or possible data loss. In addition to support for SQL Server 2005,this release also supports backup files larger than 4GB and partial synchronization and exclusion of dependents. Pricing for TulaSoft SQL Examiner 1.2 starts at $199.95. For more information, contact TulaSoft at [email protected] or

Migrate Applications and Databases to .NET

Sophisticated Business Systems (SBS) announced DB-Shuttle .NET, an automatic conversion tool for migrating legacy applications and databases from the mainframe to the Windows .NET Framework, and has included SQL Server 2005 and Visual Studio 2005 in its Framework solution.The product looks at your mainframe environment and automatically converts databases, applications, and languages to the new .NET environment for the best possible performance. After the migration, you have functionality that's equivalent to your previous applications and databases but will benefit from improved technical capabilities and business agility. SBS DB-Shuttle .NET is set for commercial release in the first quarter of 2006. For more information, contact SBS at 800-801-9005, [email protected], or

Migrate Oracle Forms to .NET

ATX Software released Forms2Net 2.0, a Visual Studio 2005 tool that lets you convert Oracle Forms 9i, 6i, 5.0, and 4.5 applications to Microsoft .NET applications.The product produces Visual C# .NET code to let you create Web Forms,which use ASP.NET technology, and Windows Forms, which use Microsoft Smart Client Technology. Forms2 Net works at the application layer and lets you decide whether to keep using your Oracle database or switch to a SQL Server 2005 database. Pricing for ATX Software Forms2Net 2.0 is on a per-project basis. For more information, contact ATX Software at [email protected], [email protected], or

Monitor SQL Server and Its Environment

NeverFail announced support for SQL Server 2005 in its high-availability, cluster-class solution, NeverFail for SQL Server. The product monitors your SQL Server application and looks for changes, including new database creation or data changes, and makes the appropriate updates for its replication set. In addition to monitoring your SQL Server application, NeverFail monitors your entire SQL Server environment, including your OS and network infrastructure. And NeverFail takes preemptive actions to correct problems without resorting to a full system failover. For more information, contact NeverFail at 512-327-5777, [email protected], or

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