New Products: Altova MissionKit, SQL safe 6.5, WhereScape RED Fast Track 3.0 Edition, WebFOCUS Mobile BI

Altova Updates MissionKit, Including XMLSpy and DatabaseSpy

Altova has released an update to the Altova MissionKit, the company's complete product line. New features in the latest version of XMLSpy include: embedding external files in XML, customizable documentation generation, enhancements to chart creation functionality, sorting of elements and types in schema view, refactoring support for XML Schemas, and intelligent support for changing element types and base types. Other updated products include DatabaseSpy, MapForce, StyleVision, Authentic, UModel, DiffDog, and Altova XML. To learn more, visit

Idera SQL safe 6.5 Enhances Database Recovery

Idera has announced SQL safe 6.5. According to the vendor, SQL safe reduces database backup time by up to 50 percent over native SQL backups and reduces backup disk space requirements by up to 95 percent. Updates to SQL safe 6.5 include restore performance improvements, the ability to automate disaster recovery by restoring full backups to a secondary server, creating missing SQL Server logins to resolve orphaned database users, backup and restore alerting, and an option to delete old backup files without performing a new backup. To learn more, visit

WhereScape Launches WhereScape RED Fast Track 3.0 Edition

WhereScape has announced a new offering for Microsoft's Fast Track Data Warehouse 3.0 that provides reference architectures, technology, and best practices for building data warehouses more quickly, at a lower cost and risk. WhereScape RED Fast Track 3.0 Edition includes faster loading with SQL Server Integration Services; auto-generated SQL for processing; built-in processing to add aggregations of the data; and a built-in scheduler that provides parallel processing, centralized monitoring, error handling, and restarts. To learn more, visit

Create Reports from Mobile Devices

Information Builders has launched WebFOCUS Mobile BI, which delivers mobile business analytics to any device, mobile application, and browser. All of the WebFOCUS Active Technology reports—which let users create reports, dashboards, and web applications—work with today's leading smartphone platforms, such as iOS, Android, and BlackBerry (the release did not mention Windows Mobile or Windows Phone). Thanks to automatic device detection that adjusts the reports based on the mobile platform or web browser being used, the product eliminates extra development work, according to the vendor. To learn more, visit

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