New Products - 28 Mar 2008

New Products - 28 Mar 2008

Database Modeling

Create, Compare, and Update Visual Database Models. Datanamic Solutions B.V. has announced the release of DeZign for Databases 5, an application that allows DBAs to create, compare, and modify database models. According to Datanamic, the software relies on a visual creation metaphor that simplifies the creation of data models. This latest version introduces improved data and function conversion rules that improve accuracy when migrating data models from one platform to another. SQL Server 2005, 2000, 7.0, and 6.5 are supported, and pricing begins at $245 per user. For more information, contact Datanamic Solutions at [email protected] or visit

Refer to Figure 1 for more information.

Business Intelligence

OLAP Reporting and Analysis Tool. CNS International’s DataWarehouse Explorer analyzes and generates reports from SQL Server, Oracle, and IBM databases. The software features an interface that closely resembles Microsoft Office 2007, a feature that helps end users more easily create their own reports, while an included server component enables DBAs to manage and view generated reports. DataWarehouse Explorer is written in .NET, and offers an OLAP reporting feature that requires the use of the Microsoft Analysis Services server. The application also relies upon the Microsoft Reporting Services server bundled with SQL Server 2005. For more information, contact Datanamic Solutions at [email protected] or visit


Database Programming and Maintenance. Caber Computing has released SqlTac, a product that provides a number of utilities for SQL Server DBAs and developers that rely on Visual Studio to create database applications. For DBAs, SqlTac can be used to validate SQL statements, capture domain knowledge, and troubleshoot and resolve generic database design issues. For developers, the product generates DLinq’s DataAccess layer, provides Object-Relational Mapping (ORM), and saves database schemas. It can also validate SQL code used in stored procedures and user-defined functions, and offers a variety of search tools for finding specific SQL statements. SqlTac supports SQL Server 2008, 2005, and 2000, and pricing begins at $295 per user. For more information, contact Caber Computing Inc. at [email protected] or visit

Refer to Figure 2 for more information.

To read our product spotlight on virtualization, see “Virtualization: Flexible Product Release ManagementInstantDoc ID 98566.

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