New Products - 28 Feb 2008

New Products - 28 Feb 2008

Database Management

Copy Database Objects, Views, and Tables. Copy Schema for SQL Server allows DBAs to duplicate database objects—such as procedures, views, and tables—and copy those objects to other databases or new SQL Server installations. The Professional edition adds command line support that allows the creation of scripts that facilitate the automation and scheduling of copying tasks. Pricing for Copy Schema for SQL Server starts at $49 for the standard edition, and $59 for the professional edition. For more information, contact OmBelt Solutions at [email protected] or visit
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Database Security

Protect Your Database. Security Explorer for SQL Server gives DBAs a variety of tools to help them manage access to their SQL Server databases. Security Explorer can search through access permissions to ensure that users have the appropriate levels of access. It also can create, change, erase and copy database access permissions, and can identify and address insecure logins. As an added measure of protection, Security Explorer allows security information to be backed up and restored independent of the databases it is protecting. Pricing for a single license starts at $430. For more information, contact ScriptLogic at 561-886-2400 or visit

Database Automation

Run Scripts on Multiple Servers. Red Gate Software has announced SQL Multi Script, a new software utility for SQL Server that allows DBAs to create and run multiple scripts—across multiple databases and SQL Server instances—by using a central command console. The SQL Multi Script UI features split-screen and syntax-highlighting features. Results of script operations can be viewed in a variety of formats, including grid and text views. Pricing for a single license starts at $95. For more information, contact Red Gate Software 866-733-4283 or visit

Database Automation

Manage Multiple SQL Server Instances. Future IT Software has announced EZ Manage SQL Enterprise Edition, a product designed to simplify the management and maintenance of multiple SQL Servers. The software automates administration tasks across multiple servers, allowing DBAs to batch together tasks such as backups, data compression, data restoration and data defragmentation. A status report feature can be configured to deliver alerts by email, while the product’s disaster recovery functionality can be configured to automatically send backup files off site via FTP for additional data security. Data can be restored from any point in time, and the backup function enables users to include files related to archived SQL data—such as PDF documents, graphic files, and other assets—with their backups. EZ Manage SQL Enterprise ,Edition supports SQL Server versions 2005 and 2000, and pricing begins at $2,699 per server. For more information, contact Future IT Software at [email protected] or visit

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Database Development

Design and Develop Custom Reports. Stimulsoft Reports.Net 2007.3 allows developers to create custom .NET-based forms and reports. A report designer module provides design functionality during development and in runtime, and created reports can be used with other ASP.NET applications, as well as standard Windows forms. According to Stimulsoft, the program can create reports designed to draw data from multiple data sources, including SQL Server, Oracle, ODBC, OleDS, PostgeSQL, and FirebirdSQL. Finished reports can be exported to a variety of file formats, including popular image file types (BMP, JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIFF), Adobe PDF format, XML, HTML, EXCEL, RTF, CSV, and raw text. Reports created with Stimulsoft Reports.Net are royalty free. Pricing for a single user license begins at $599.95. For more information, contact Stimulsoft at [email protected] or visit

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