New Products - 28 Aug 2008

Performance Monitoring

Optimize SQL Server Performance

SQL Sentry has announced the availability of its new performance monitoring and optimization tool, SQL Sentry Performance Advisor. Performance Advisor features include a performance dashboard, real-time and historical analysis of performance metrics, graphical monitoring of disk activity, blocking and deadlock analysis, and automated tracing. According to the company, these features “simplify the process of optimizing SQL Server performance.” Licenses are available for $1,495 per SQL Server instance plus an annual maintenance fee of $299. For more information, contact SQL Sentry at [email protected]t or go to

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Database Profiling

Cost-Effective Database Profiling

AMB Dataminers has announced AMB-InfoPublish, with support for IBM DataStage/Information Server extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) tools. The company says that AMB-InfoPublish provides a cost-effective way for administrators to profile entire SQL Server databases. The product also profiles Oracle, Teradata, flat-file, and DB2 (UDB, DB/400, zOS) databases. AMB-InfoPublish support integrates with Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) and IBM DataStage. According to Steven Meister, president of AMB, “AMB-InfoPublish profiling … allows users to independently profile new sources of information and drop it into DataStage projects when needed. ETL developers will have profiling information right in each stage.” For more information, contact AMB at 800-928-0365 or visit

Database Security
Patch Databases Rapidly

Hedgehog vPatch, Sentrigo’s new virtual patching software, protects databases against vulnerabilities as soon as they’re discovered. Hedgehog vPatch fortifies corporate databases against recently discovered security problems without incurring database downtime or affecting related applications. Sentrigo typically patches newly discovered vulnerabilities within days and automatically delivers updates to Hedgehog vPatch. Companies can configure Hedgehog vPatch to prevent intrusions by terminating or quarantining sessions or to generate alerts. The product currently supports Oracle and Microsoft databases. Pricing begins at $750 per CPU for an annual subscription. For more information, contact Sentrigo at 781-935- 2879 or visit

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Change Monitoring and Capacity Planning
Manage Growth and Change in Your SQL Server Environment

Quest Software has released the latest version of two of its SQL Server management products, Capacity Manager for SQL Server 2.5 and Change Director for SQL Server 2.0. Capacity Manager helps you manage the growth of your SQL Server environment by providing capacity planning for all your SQL Server databases and related applications, such as SharePoint. Capacity Manager also includes intelligent index maintenance and partition management. With Change Director, you can automate the deployment and migration of database schema changes. In addition, Change Director now offers middle-tier processing, which lets you offload schema comparisons, script generation, and job scheduling to a persistent processing tier for better performance. For more information, contact Quest Software at 800-306-9329 or visit

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