New Products - 26 Oct 2006

Communicate and Resolve Application Problems

AVIcode announced the AVIcode TFS Incident Management Connector, a software solution that enables communication between Microsoft Operations Manager 2005 (MOM 2005) and Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server. When you use this product with the AVIcode.NET Management Pack, you can communicate about and resolve application problems such as performance bottlenecks, coding errors, and connectivity and security problems. With AVIcode TFS Incident Management Connector, you can map MOM to multiple Team Foundation Server projects to effectively monitor and manage problems across application teams. For more information, contact AVIcode at 443-543-0030, [email protected], or


Better Understand Crucial Business Information
Tableau Software announced Tableau 2.0, data analysis software that helps users see and understand business information. New features let users easily access and analyze large amounts of data without technical training or IT support. A new Dynamic Calculations feature uses a drag-and-drop interface to create custom aggregations, fields, totals, and subtotals. New dynamic data inspection features let you target specific data points for deeper inspection or exclusion from the visual analysis. Additional features include visual model building and data playback and paging. For more information, contact Tableau Software at 206-633-3400 extension 1, [email protected], or

Track Database Activity According to User

Imperva announced the SecureSphere Database Monitoring Gateway (DMG) appliance featuring Universal User Tracking, which logs database activity according to a Web user's login ID, regardless of the Web application used or the database platform accessed.The product records all database activity down to the query level and identifies all database usage that doesn't conform to acceptable business practices. Additionally, SecureSphere DMG operates independently of the database server and captures activity before it reaches the database. Pricing for SecureSphere DMG starts at $35,000. For more information, contact Imperva at 650-345-9000,866-926-4678, [email protected],or

3PAR Supports Always On Technologies

3PAR announced that its 3PAR InServ Storage Servers will support SQL Server 2005 Always On Technologies, a new high-availability SQL Server program that ensures near-zero downtime for mission-critical applications. 3PAR's Utility Storage platform automatically delivers predictable service levels and requires minimal storage system and database administrator time and training. Additionally, through 3PAR's RAID 5 and thin-provisioning technologies, customers can cut capacity-related expenses as much as 75 percent. For more information, contact 3PAR at 510-413-5999, [email protected], or

Altova Upgrades XML Product Line

Altova announced upgrades to its XML tools product line, which includes StyleVision 2006,Authentic 2006, XMLSpy 2006, and MapForce 2006. StyleVision 2006, a visual style sheet designer, now includes Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) and JavaScript support, in addition to numerous usability enhancements. XMLSpy 2006, an XML editor and IDE for modeling, editing, transforming, and debugging XML-related technologies, now includes XML validation and error-tracking capabilities. MapForce 2006, a graphical data?integration and Web services implementation tool, now features integration with Microsoft Visual Studio .NET. For a complete list of the newest features and pricing information, contact Altova at 978-816-1600, [email protected], or

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