New Products - 23 Feb 2007

Easily Design SQL Queries

Minq Software announced DbVisualizer 5.1, a cross-platform database tool that lets you develop, test, and administer a variety of databases with a single solution. DbVisualizer assists with tasks such as object browsing, creating database objects, running SQL statements and SQL scripts, viewing and editing data, and compiling procedures and functions. The product's new graphical query builder helps you design SQL queries by using a point, click, and drag process. The permission verifier controls which database operations are allowed, denied, or need confirmation before being executed. DbVisualizer is available in two editions, DbVisualizer Free, and the commercial DbVisualizer Personal edition, which starts at $129 per user. For more information, contact Minq Software at [email protected], [email protected], or

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Identify Bottlenecks in SQL Server and Oracle Databases

Confio Software announced Ignite for SQL Server, a performance-monitoring tool for SQL Server 2005 and 2000 databases that works alongside Confio's Ignite for Oracle solution to provide a common platform to monitor both databases. Ignite for SQL Server's wait-time–based approach measures the effects of bottlenecks inside the database and correlates them with the enduser application service. This analysis helps to instantly identify the SQL and database process that's creating the most delay for end users. Ignite Alerts provide advance notice of accumulating bottlenecks on-screen or through email, cell phone, or pager messages. Ignite for SQL Server is agent-less, so you can capture performance data without installing agents on production systems. For more information, contact Confio Software at 303-938-8282, 866-266-3461, or

Get in Touch with New SQL Server Resources
Addison-Wesley Professional released three new SQL Server-related books. Practical Business Intelligence with SQL Server 2005 offers insight into BI systems design and step-by-step best practices for implementation, deployment, and management and is priced at $49.99. Introduction to SQL: Mastering the Relational Database Language, 4th Edition illustrates each aspect of the SQL language with practical examples and exercises in each chapter to help you gain command of all the concepts. The book is priced at $49.99. Inside SQL Server 2005 Tools covers several components, such as Database Engine, Analysis Services, Reporting Services Integration Services, and Notification Services. This book is priced at $59.99. For more information, contact Addison-Wesley Professional at

Cut Costs for IT Auditing and Compliance

Lumigent Technologies announced Lumigent Audit DB 5.5, an auditing solution that lets you manage, configure, and collect information for SQL Server RDBMS and Oracle systems. Audit DB features new policy and reporting capabilities that let you streamline control processes, easily prove compliance, and tailor audit results for individual users. The software features push-button delivery and reports that classify events and audit conditions according to severity. Audit DB's Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) Section 404 reporting pack tracks financial data access, data use, historical perspective, and suspicious activities. For more information, contact Lumigent at 978-206-3700, 866-586-4436, or

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New Joe Celko Puzzle Challenges

Morgan Kaufmann Publishers released Joe Celko's SQL Puzzles and Answers, Second Edition, a book that features a new collection of SQL puzzles along with a series of solutions and explanations to help you solve them. Celko, a recognized SQL expert who helped write the ANSI/ISO SQL-89 and SQL-92 standards, demonstrates how to attack a problem from a SQL perspective and not only solve the problem but also develop the mindset necessary to solve common SQL puzzles. The book has new chapters that focus on temporal query puzzles and common misconceptions about SQL and relational database management systems. SQL Puzzles and Answers, Second Edition costs $44.95. For more information, contact Morgan Kaufmann Publishers at 888-864-7547 or

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Integrate BI into SharePoint Environments

Decision Support Panel (DSP) International announced DSP Portal Edition 4.3 SP1, a framework that links information in data warehouses based on Microsoft SQL Server to Microsoft SharePoint–based corporate portals. DSP Portal Edition's wizard-driven technology lets BI professionals integrate a wide range of business data and create and customize portals, dashboards, and scorecards without programming. DSP Web Parts integrates with the Microsoft Business Scorecard Manager as an additional report view type. New functionality such as Table Symbols facilitates communication and business decision-making by letting you visualize Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within tables. For more information, contact DSP at 703-286-6459 or

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SQL Server Query and OS Performance Monitoring
Idera announced updates to its performance-monitoring and diagnostic solution, SQL diagnostic manager 4.5. The product, which is designed for enterprise-scale SQL Server implementations, provides performance monitoring, alerting, and diagnostic capability for SQL Server environments. In addition to the product's existing "Worst Performing Queries" analysis, SQL diagnostic manager provides continuous monitoring and identification of your most frequently executed queries on a server. SQL diagnostic manager also monitors and alerts to a range of OS performance metrics, including CPU and memory usage, average disk-queue length, disk time, and paging. For more information, contact Idera at 713523-4433, 877-464-3372, or

Automate the Life Cycle of Database Projects

SQL Farms announced SQL Farm Combine 1.3, an integrated lifecycle environment (ILE) that provides one-click deployment of database projects, scripts, and queries to any number of databases or servers. By using SQL Farm Combine's editor, you can collaborate and compose database objects, then deploy the code on all target databases and servers. This tool also provides code packaging as well as transfer and project deployment between development, QA, and production groups in both connected and disconnected environments. For more information, contact SQL Farms at [email protected], 703-943-9272, 877-7752276, or

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