New Products - 20 Nov 2006

Build Data Warehouses on SQL Server

WhereScape Software announced WhereScape RED 5.5, data warehouse prototyping and development software that lets developers show end users and analysts a working model of their data warehouse design. RED generates all native SQL code necessary to perform all aspects of the data warehousing process. RED also supports partitioning within SQL Server and features support for Snowflake Schema, a data warehouse model that eliminates data redundancy by grouping dimension data into multiple tables, rather than one large table. Other significant updates include UI and usability improvements. A free trial edition is available. For more information, contact WhereScape Software at 770-579-3606 or

Manage Backup and Recovery Jobs

Idera announced SQLsafe 3.2, a backup and recovery solution for SQL Server that features improved performance when you write to a network share. SQLsafe integrates with the company's SQLschedule job-management solution, and by using both products, administrators can manage SQLsafe backup jobs across their organization and can identify conflicts, optimize backup job schedules, and plan and schedule jobs, all from a single view. SQLsafe also provides automated grooming of backup files according to a specified retention policy for full, incremental, and transaction log backups. For more information, contact Idera at 713-523-4433, 877-464-3372, [email protected], or

Web-based Administration for SQL Server 2005 announced myLittleAdmin for SQL Server 2005, a Webbased management tool that lets you manage most server and database objects, including new objects such as snapshots, schemas, and credentials. The product's datagrid lets you edit and delete records while you browse your data, and you can export the data to XML or comma-separated value (CSV) formats. MyLittleAdmin also features helpful tools and wizards, including a New Query tool, Backup and Restore wizards, and a Generate INSERT wizard. A live demo is available on's Web site. Pricing for myLittleAdmin for SQL Server 2005 starts at $590 for a single-user license. For more information, contact at 719-576-0123, 800-999-2734, or

SQL Server Management for SMBs

sqlSentry announced that the core functionality of sqlSentry Enterprise Edition for SQL Server is now available for small-to-midsized businesses (SMBs) in sqlSentry Standard Edition for SQL Server.The Standard Edition lets you manage and optimize your SQL Server environments at a lower price point than the Enterprise Edition. Features include visual scheduling with drag-and-drop support, comprehensive notifications, and schedule-performance monitoring for managing your scheduled events. sqlSentry Standard Edition lets you monitor any number of SQL Server and Windows Task Scheduler instances without installing or maintaining agents on each server. For more information, contact sqlSentry at 704-895-6241 or

.NET Charting Features Full Ajax Support

Dundas Software announced Dundas Chart for .NET 5.5, a .NET charting solution available in ASP.NET and Windows Forms versions.The software features new Web-based zooming and scrolling and UI support with Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax) features. Dundas Chart also features scale breaks, which let you customize your charts to better distinguish between high and low values without diminishing readability. New 2-D and 3-D drawing effects are available for column, bar, pie, doughnut, and related charts. Other updates include new utility classes to organize chart data according to common company process models, and a FastPoint chart type for quickly displaying large sets of data. Pricing for both versions of Dundas Chart for .NET starts at $699 for the Professional Edition and $1999 for the Enterprise Edition. For more information, contact Dundas Software at 800-463-1492, [email protected], [email protected], or

.NET-based Reporting Made Easy

Stimulsoft announced StimulReport.Net 1.6, a .NET-based report generator solution that lets you create bound and unbound reports from multiple data sources, including SQL Server, Oracle, FirebirdSQL, and XML files.The built-in report designer lets you create and modify report templates in ASP.NET and Windows Forms. Available reporting components include text, shapes, images, and containers. You can export generated reports to such formats as PDF, Rich Text Format (RTF), HTML, bitmap file extension, and JPEG. Pricing for StimulReport.Net starts at $499.95 for a single-developer license. For more information, contact Stimulsoft at [email protected], [email protected], or

New Components Enhance Development Experience

ComponentOne announced version 2 of ComponentOne Studio Enterprise 2006, a component toolset for Windows, Web, and mobile application development.The product features Asynchronous JavaScript and XML (Ajax)-enabled components—including WebGrid, WebReports, WebTreeView, WebTabStrip, and WebTopicBar—to help you build Web interfaces. New productivity technology, SmartDesigners, helps you set a component's most common properties without leaving the design surface. In addition, Studio Enterprise features new visual elements to WinForm and WebForm charts. For more information, contact Component-One at 412-681-4343, 800-858-2739, or

Integrate Relational, XML, and Legacy Data

DataDirect Technologies announced DataDirect XQuery 2.0, a Java component for processing XML, relational, and legacy data formats in your applications. Users can now configure new performance optimizations for greater control in tuning specific environments.Also featured in this release is XML streaming, which reduces the amount of memory necessary for processing large XML documents. XQuery 2.0 integrates with Stylus Studio XML Deployment Components. For more information, contact DataDirect Technologies at 919-461-4200, 800-876-3101,or

Monitor .NET Frameworkbased Applications

AVIcode announced .NET Management Pack 3.0, software that extends Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM) 2005 to provide real-time in-production monitoring of Microsoft .NET applications in MOM.The product lets you monitor your custom .NET applications for faults and performance degradation and includes new auto-discovery features that enable automatic detection of .NET applications running on MOM-managed servers. For more information, contact AVIcode at [email protected] .com, 443-543-0030, or

Automated User-Account Management

Lumigent Technologies announced Obsolete User Manager, a new capability in Lumigent Audit DB that helps businesses automate user entitlement changes for employees who are leaving the firm or transferring departments. The software manages user accounts at the database level, reducing the risk of compromised data and failed audits to improve business efficiency. Obsolete User Manager integrates with HR systems, Help desk systems, and corporate directories to automate changes in employees' status and provides centralized visibility and control. For more information, contact Lumigent at 978-206-3700, 866-586-4436, or

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