New Products - 18 Dec 2006

Audit Multiple Data Repositories

Tizor Systems announced Mantra 4.0, an appliance that provides real-time auditing and protection for all data that resides on a database, a file server, or a mainframe application. Mantra supports major database vendors such as SQL Server and IBM DB2 and now supports legacy mainframe database environments. The product includes agentless local auditing technology that tracks all user activity, whether on the network or a local-access terminal, and is transparent to users. Enhanced reporting capabilities allow for customizable automated-report generation and distribution and support for PDF, HTML, XML, and comma-separated value (CSV) formats. For more information, contact Tizor Systems at 978-243-3200, 800-231-8224, or

Normalize Audit Data from Different Database Platforms

SoftTree Technologies announced updates to its flagship product, DB Audit Expert, that provide new enterprise-class support for centralized audit repositories. The software lets you streamline auditing and compliance operations by using a central repository for SQL Server, Oracle, IBM DB2, and Sybase databases. Unified alerting and reporting capability lets DB Audit Expert monitor and report on (including alerting) all data access, updates, data structure modifications, and changes to security permissions from one location. Pricing for DB Audit Expert starts at $329 per database server instance. For more information, contact SoftTree Technologies at 800-289-9256 or

Integrate BI into SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services

Business Objects announced that Crystal Xcelsius Workgroup, a visual design tool that lets you transform company data into interactive presentations and business dashboards, now includes point-and-click connectivity to SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SSRS). This capability lets you extract data relationships and project possible future business performance. You can share your dashboards and models through Microsoft Word, Outlook, PowerPoint or via PDF format and distribute them over the Web through Microsoft SharePoint Portal Server 2003. Contact Business Objects at 866-681-3435 or

Leverage the Power of Microsoft BI

ICS announced that its business intelligence (BI) solution, RSinteract, extends its reach to support SQL Server Analysis cubes and the SQL Server 2005 Unified Dimensional Model. RSinteract builds on SQL Server 2005 Reporting Services (SSRS) to put information in the hands of nonspecialist users. As a server-based Web application, RSinteract requires no client software or plug-ins. RSinteract lets business users with a standard Web browser build new SSRS reports or customize existing reports on any relational or OLAP data source defined in SQL Server 2005/2000 without specialized training. For more information, contact ICS at [email protected] or

Secure Data and Support Compliance

Embarcadero Technologies announced Embarcadero ER/Studio 7.1, a data architecture and database design solution that discovers, documents, and reuses data assets through visual data models. ER/Studio’s improved identification, classification, and communication of policies for sensitive data help support regulatory compliance and reduce the risk of inappropriate data access. New ER/Studio properties categorize and label data and objects according to the level of security and privacy that should be applied to them. For more information, contact Embarcadero Technologies at 415-834-3131, [email protected], or

Easily Monitor and Manage SQL Server Jobs

Argent Software announced Argent Job Scheduler 5.0, software to help manage and monitor SQL Server jobs. Job Scheduler manages and maintains all SQL Server jobs from one interface and uses SQL Server for its back-end database storage system to make historical data and performance information easy to access. You can create customized action plans for each job you create. Job Scheduler can send email, pager, or Short Message Service (SMS) notifications to you when jobs fail, run late or too long, or use too much CPU time. The software can generate job reports to map how certain jobs perform over the course of weeks or months. Job Scheduler is scalable, allowing you to manage 1 or 1000 SQL Server machines. For more information, contact Argent Software at 860-674-1700, [email protected], or

Easily Encrypt Database Objects

Ecatenate announced dbLockdown 2.0, an encryption solution that helps you secure your SQL Server 2005 and SQL Server 2005 Express Edition scripts. dbLockdown’s interface lets you view all database objects across your enterprise and Internet servers. You can then encrypt stored procedures, views, user-defined functions (UDFs), database triggers, and server triggers in any number of servers and databases. dbLockdown automatically archives each database object it encrypts for easy restoration. dbLockdown also lets you edit T-SQL scripts for database objects. For more information, contact Ecatenate at [email protected] or at

Ensure Continuous Uptime to Server Farms

ScaleOut Software announced updates to its flagship product, ScaleOut StateServer, which installs as a software service and provides workload data storage for Microsoft .NET server farms. New enhancements ensure continuous uptime in difficult conditions such as server failures. ScaleOut StateServer automatically balances the amount of storage that each server in a farm uses. When a server fails, the ScaleOut StateServer service retrieves the server’s session objects from replicas stored on other servers and creates new replicas. When the server comes back online, it’s able to automatically resume its share of the storage workload. For more information, contact ScaleOut Software at 503-643-3422, [email protected], [email protected], or http://www.scaleoutsoft

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