NetWrix Releases New Version of SQL Server Change Reporter

NetWrix Releases New Version of SQL Server Change Reporter

NetWrix has released a new version of its auditing and compliance tool for SQL Server, SQL Server Change Reporter 2.5. The new release, which is a component of the Netwrix Change Reporter Suite, now features an auditing component that identifies users that make changes to database content. In addition, this new capability determines when, where, and which workstation the changes were made from. The latest version includes several improvements, including the following:

  • The SQL job change auditing features now tracks changes made to jobs, job steps, and job scheduling.
  • Users can apply change auditing permissions for tables, views, stored procedures, and functions.
  • Improved report delivery capabilities include a new CSV format and pre-delivery compression options.
  • Configurable record, row, and column content auditing now lets users include before and after values.

"NetWrix SQL Server Change Reporter not only does a commendable job in tracking, storing, and reporting detailed information about changes made in a SQL Server environment, Version 2.5's enhancements further strengthen the system's capabilities in numerous ways, including permission change auditing for tables, views, stored procedures, and functions," said SQL Server Pro author Robert Pearl. Visit NetWrix's product page or see the SQL Server Pro article "Product Review: NetWrix SQL Server Change Reporter 2.2" for more information.

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