The .NET show is a cool, but little known resource on MSDN where important figures in the Microsoft world are interviewed and recorded in a TV show-style format.


The March 11th episode features James Hamilton, the Microsoft personality most mistaken for a major rock star, and Tom Rizzo, a friend of mine who’s served many years on the PASS Board of Directors (  This episode outlines some of the specific features and capabilities of SQL Server 2005 that allow programmers and database developers to create better database-oriented solutions.


The feature is located at


One thing that I particularly like about the .NET show is that you can download the episode.  You’re not forced to watch it on-line as streaming media.  This is great for someone like who is on the road a lot or for those of you who might download the file at one location like work to watch at another location like home.  They provide two file sizes, for people with varying bandwidths, and even cooler a very small download for those of you with advanced mobile devices that allow you to watch video:


300 KB version (196 MB file)
100 KB version (69 MB file)
Mobile devices version (49 MB file)


I hope this helps.  Let me know if you hit upon any other cool resources that are worth sharing. 






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