More stupid developer tricks

It's a multi-point day!

First point - Happy birthday to me, Happy birthday to me-EEEE-ee!  Yep, another year older and uglier.  If you want to know how old I am you can do the math.  I was born this day waaaay back in 1966.  Still a youngster, right?

Second point, I've had an incredibly busy week in London and south England.  The weather has been quite remarkable.  There was only one day of rain and the rest of the week was sunny and pleasant.  Yesterday was quite hot, in fact, and was the second hottest day in October on the record.

Finally, I have another story of developer brain malfunction.  A major company here in London had spent quite a bit of money developing an application for one of their business units.  The lead developers were quite proud of their development and testing process and happily rolled the new application out to the field.  It wouldn't launch.  After a week of troubleshooting, the DBAs came to find out that the development team did not have separate QA machines.  They used their own personal workstations for the entire testing process.  Now, ask yourself, do SQL Server's typically have the same software as a personal workstation?  Of course not!  The application was hugely dependent on a big roster of DLLs from Word and Excel.  After another week of testing and patching, the team was able to role out the DLLs and get the application up and running.

What kind of developer craziness have you encountered?  Send me an email at [email protected] or respond here.



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