Monitor Multiple Platforms on a Single Dashboard

There are so many performance and network monitoring products on the market that it can be difficult to differentiate one from another. However, Heroix's Longitude 5.0 stands out not only because it's agentless, but also because it can monitor multiple platforms, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL, on a single dashboard. Longitude 5.0 monitors the availability, performance, and operational integrity of your IT infrastructure, and even monitors your service level agreements (SLAs) to make sure that your system components aren't out of tolerance. According to Ken Leoni, Heroix’s vice president of product strategy, Longitude 5.0 can also be used in virtualized environments to monitor which resources guest OSs are using and how that usage is affecting the host OS.
   You can view monitored data from a real-time dashboard, making it easy to troubleshoot problems. Longitude 5.0's alerting capabilities notify you immediately if there's a performance or network problem. In addition, Longitude 5.0 builds up a repository of information that can be used for trending and predictive purposes. Note that by default, Longitude 5.0 keeps one year's worth of data in the repository, although that setting can be changed. This product automatically generates performance reports and graphs; however, users generating reports can decide what data should be pulled into each report based on factors such as geography.

   This product is easy to install and can be quickly deployed. Longitude 5.0 costs $299 per server to monitor the base OS and $599 to monitor the base OS and layered applications. The price is based on the number of components you buy, not on the platform that you’re using.

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