Monitor and Manage SQL Server Performance from Your Mobile Device

Last week, at the PASS Community Summit 2008, Idera announced the release of SQL diagnostic manager 5.6, the latest version of its SQL Server performance monitoring product. SQL diagnostic manager provides agentless, real-time monitoring and customizable alerts that let you quickly find, diagnose, and fix SQL Server performance bottlenecks. According to Idera, this product can also help increase SQL Server availability.

This version lets you view real-time performance data, perform management tasks, and receive alerts on your Windows Mobile or BlackBerry device. Other features that are new to SQL diagnostic manager 5.6 include adaptive alerting, which automatically recommends alert threshold levels based on the historical SQL Server performance data, and application security, which provides configurable server access permissions so that users can monitor SQL Servers using SQL diagnostic manager, but can’t modify those servers.

SQL diagnostic manager supports SQL Server 2008 Standard and Enterprise editions, SQL Server 2005 SP1 and later, and SQL Server 2000 SP4. This product starts at $2049 per instance. For more information about SQL diagnostic manager 5.6, go to

Idera also announced at PASS that it has made more than 20 Windows PowerShell scripts available for download that you can use to manage SQL Server. You can read more about this announcement in Free PowerShell Scripts for Managing SQL Server

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