Mobile Business Intelligence Product Lets You Instantly Access Reports

Mobile Business Intelligence Product Lets You Instantly Access Reports

Accio Intellectum has announced the release of ReportEverywhere, a new mobile business intelligence (BI) solution. ReportEverywhere lets users send existing reports to mobile devices using the subscriptions function in SQL Server Reporting Services’ (SSRS’) Report Manager. There’s no need to rewrite reports before sending them to a user via instant message. If you send a report as an instant message, and the person you’re sending it to isn’t available, ReportEverywhere will automatically store the report in an internal database until the person the report is intended for is available.

This product integrates with your existing SSRS 2005 infrastructure. Administrators can use Report Manager to manage ReportEverywhere, view logs, and enable and disable subscribers.

According to Gorbachev, ReportEverywhere addresses four problems that the InformationWeek article Smart Stuff: The State Of Business Intelligence 2008 lists as the "biggest barriers to IT success": complexity of BI tools and interfaces; cost of BI software and per-user licenses; difficulty accessing relevant, timely, or reliable data; and insufficient IT staffing or excessive software requirements for IT support. Gorbachev says this product is easy for both administrators and end users to use and more affordable than many mobile BI solutions currently available. (It starts at $1,995 per server, with 10 Client Access licenses.) Because the data comes from existing reports, you don’t have to worry about the quality or timeliness of the data. Also, Gorbachev says “ReportEverywhere requires ‘near-zero’ maintenance.”

ReportEverywhere supports all mobile devices and requires SSRS 2005. For more information about this product, visit

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