Microtest Seminars Eligible for BiCSi Credits

Microtest announced its spring seminar schedule and training services, "Advanced Cabling for the New Millennium." BiCSi, a telecommunications association that lets participants receive continuing education credits toward the installer/technician program, accredits the program. Seminar attendees, who earn three BiCSi credits, learn the latest network cable testing and troubleshooting techniques and industry standards and practices. The seminar series includes Category 5, 5e, 6, and 7 standards and compliance testing, multimode and single-mode fiber optic concepts and certification, advanced network diagnostics, and other topics. The series started in February and runs through June. A fall seminar series, starting in September, will feature similar material and continuing education credits. Remaining spring seminar dates and locations include: Los Angeles, May 17; Carolina, Puerto Rico, May 23 through 25; San Francisco, June 12 and 13; San Jose, California, June 14 and 15; and Sacramento, California, June 16. You can register at http://www.microtest.com/seminars.

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