Microsoft SQL Server 2008: T-SQL Fundamentals Book

I always wanted to write a book about T-SQL Fundamentals, but kept postponing it until I felt I acquired enough knowledge and teaching experience to write it. Well, you never feel you have enough knowledge especially with a language and a model that are so deep, but at least enough to make a decent effort. Some may think that writing a Fundamentals book is easier than writing an advanced one, but I think it's actually the other way around, especially with SQL. Target audience for advanced books is less prone to be misled and mainly need their gaps to be filled. It's a big responsibility to teach people fundamentals, and that's one of the reasons I waited so long. Anyway, the first copy of the book went out of the printers yesterday, and the book is now officially published! :-)

Details about the book, along with sample chapters, can be found in the following website:

Thanks to Ron Talmage—the technical editor of the book—who did a great job! Ron knows SQL well, cares about the logic behind the language, is very accurate, and has superb English.

I wish I could take a break and rest a bit, but this will have to wait until I’m done with the SQL Server 2008 versions of the Inside T-SQL books. I’m already deep at work on those together with a great team of coauthors, including Lubor Kollar, Dejan Sarka, Steve Kass, Roger Wolter, Greg Low, Ed Katibah and Isaac Kunen.



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