Microsoft Releases Analysis Services Fixes - 27 Jun 2003

Microsoft has issued a set of fixes for various problems in SQL Server 2000 Analysis Services and SQL Server 2000 64-bit Analysis Services. The company notes that the fixes are intended to correct only the problems described in the following Microsoft articles and should be applied only to systems experiencing these specific problems. Microsoft says the fixes might undergo additional testing to further ensure product quality. So if none of these problems are severely affecting your systems, the company recommends that you wait for the next service pack that contains the fixes.


* FIX: HTTP Connections to Analysis Services Server Computers Running Windows Server 2003 Are Slow

   HTTP connections to Analysis Services server computers running Windows Server 2003 are slower than HTTP connections to Analysis Services server computers running Windows 2000. This problem occurs because of a change in Active Server Pages (ASP) behavior in Microsoft Internet Information Services (IIS) 6.0, which is included with Windows Server 2003.;en-us;822652


* FIX: Remote Partitions Are Marked as "Unprocessed" After You Perform an Incremental Update of a Virtual Dimension

   If you try to perform an incremental update of a virtual dimension used in a remote partition for a cube, the remote partition is marked as "unprocessed" and the data files are removed from the remote server that's running Analysis Services.;en-us;822651


* FIX: Incremental Update Process May Fail On Cubes or Partitions That Use the HOLAP Storage Mode

   If you perform an incremental update of a cube or partition that uses the HOLAP storage mode, the process might fail during the merge-partitions processing step. An error message is logged in the Application event log and in the Analysis Services processing log.;en-us;819020


* FIX: Cannot Create an Offline Cube That Contains a Parent-Child Dimension

   If you try to create an offline cube and both the following conditions are true, the creation of the cube fails:

   - You use the Analysis Services Service Pack 3 (SP3) 32-bit version or the Analysis Services 64-bit version of Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Analysis Services.

   - You select a parent-child dimension as one of the dimensions for the offline cube.;en-us;817909

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