Microsoft To Purchase Zoomix

Microsoft announced it's inked an agreement to purchase Zoomix, a company based in Jerusalem, Israel that creates software which automates the delivery of correct, complete, synchronized enterprise data, within the business workflow. When Zoomix is acquired the development team will join the Microsoft R&D group in Israel and work on SQL Server solutions.

Moshe Lichtman, vice president of Microsoft International and president of R&D in Israel, notes that "Microsoft's additional investment in Israel takes our R&D center into the field of solutions for databases, a field that is growing rapidly and is very strategic for Microsoft International. Zoomix will contribute a critical layer of data improvement to Microsoft's SQL Server Data Platform. This capability will enable organizations to meet the requirements of complex information systems, and to streamline business processes, and is therefore expected to have a great impact on the organization's bottom line."

For more on the SQL Server Data Platform, see SQL Server as a Data Platform . . . Finally and SQL Server 2008: Good-Bye Database; Hello Data Platform.

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