Microsoft Licenses Data Mining Tools

ANGOSS Software announced that Microsoft’s Microsoft Network (MSN) business unit licensed its KnowledgeSTUDIO and KnowledgeSTUDIO SDK, a data mining workbench and software development kit. The licensing involves an initial deployment of all components to selected MSN analysts and development personnel. Additional licensing terms will apply to further license purchases or to internal deployment to other users of ANGOSS data mining components or applications designed and built with ANGOSS data mining components. “Microsoft is joining a strong and growing list of innovative customers looking to harness our data mining solutions for their e-business environments,” says Eric Apps, ANGOSS president. “We could not have imagined a better production environment to further test, improve, and enhance our core technology.” ANGOSS data mining components are designed to help customers realize data mining technology’s full power, integrating seamlessly with SQL Server 7.0 and Microsoft-compliant enterprise applications designed to leverage SQL Server. “The KnoweldgeSTUDIO SDK opens up significant additional possibilities for ANGOSS customers to leverage their database environments in unique and powerful ways,” says Ken Ono, ANGOSS technology vice president.

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