Microsoft Fixes Email That Reporting Services Generates

Have you received a zero-byte file attachment in an email that SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services generated? The attachment contains reports that Reporting Services generates. However, because the reports are incorrectly formatted, IBM Lotus Domino servers can't load the attachment, and the reports appear as a zero-byte file attachment. To work around this problem, configure the subscription and delivery of reports to either send a hyperlink to the reports in the email instead of the attached report or send the report as a Web archive. A Web archive is a Web file format that appears embedded in the body of the email as MIME HTML (MHTML). For more details about the hotfix, read the Microsoft article "FIX: You may receive a zero-byte attachment in e-mail when e-mail subscriptions are sent to Lotus Domino e-mail servers by SQL Server 2000 Reporting Services" at

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