Microsoft Addresses Index Tuning Wizard Problem

Microsoft SQL Server version 7.0 users may discover that the Index Tuning Wizard is not processing workloads with parameterized commands that span batches. The problem includes commands generated by an ODBC driver or OLE DB provider, usually for cursor commands that use sp_cursor stored procedures. If the entire workload is within a batch, the wizard can process the commands and recommend proper indexes. The problem occurs only when commands are split into multiple batches; the wizard can’t process commands resulting in no new index recommendations. The parser can’t process the parameterized data outside the scope of a batch. Although the wizard extracts information from the system-stored procedures for cursor calls and SQL statements, parameterized workloads are not parsed. Microsoft has provided a fix to correct the problem, but the fix hasn’t been fully regression tested and should only be applied to systems experiencing this specific problem. If operations aren’t severely affected by the specific problem, Microsoft recommends waiting for the next SQL Server service pack. Contact Microsoft Product Support Services to obtain the fix. Visit for a complete list of Microsoft Product Support Services phone numbers and support cost information.

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