Microsoft to acquire ProClarity

By now, you've probably seen the press releases stating that Microsoft will be acquiring ProClarity, a top-notch maker of front-end tools for SQL Server Analysis Services.  If you haven't read the details yet, check out these sources:

It's interesting to gauge how this is playing in the community.  Some users were interested in ProClarity going with an IPO.  They felt like ProClarity was a sure fire money maker.  Others have expressed some interest in how ProClarity tools will fit into the stack, especially since Microsoft had been making a lot of noise about Office 12 and especially Excel as the next wave of front-end tools for their BI stack.  I've also heard some users voice concern over how Microsoft will sustain ProClarity's key personnel.  Microsoft does most of their R&D work on the Redmond campus.  So there's some concern about what will happen with the core talent located in Boise, Idaho.

So, I'm curious.  If you're a BI user, does this announcement impact you?  I'd love to hear what you think.  You can answer here or send private email to [email protected]



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