Market Reaction to the Launch of SQL Server 2005

The Moscone Center is thick with IT professionals, developers, vendors, show floor models, strange celebrity impersonators, and even IT reporters.  (And if you're wondering - yes - I got my photo taken with Madonna, Steven Tyler, Tina Turner, and Cher.)

I actually was interviewed for four different media outlets.  The UK's largest IT publication published some quotes from me at: And you can see one recording of me at the event via an MSDN podcast.  But I have no idea what the URL is!!!  If you find it, please let me know.

Some other places to check for media reaction:

-   Microsoft holding the database line:

-   Microsoft sets sights on Oracle:

-   Microsoft unviels new software versions:

-   Microsoft joins customers and vendors to launch new software:

And for news about what the other side of the industry thinks:

-   Oracle feels the squeeze:

-   Oracle pledges support for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005:



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