Manugistics Enhances Supply Chain

Manugistics Group Inc. will enhance its Supply Chain Analytics (SCA), prebuilt analytical applications that measure and analyze supply-chain performance, by embedding Knosys Inc.’s ProClairty components directly into Manugistics SCA applications. ProClarity components are designed specifically for SQL Server 7.0 OLAP Services use. The ProClarity-enhanced SCA will help supply-chain decision makers dynamically analyze data, providing intelligence about time, item, location, customer, and geography. SCA helps corporations continually monitor supply-chain performance through capture and analysis of key internal performance metrics from enterprise resource planning, financial, distribution, and transportation systems, and external metrics from vendors, suppliers, carriers, and customers. “Through the combination of analytics, packaged reusable integration, optimization, and supply-chain workflow, Manugistics’ products easily retrofit traditional processes for e-business,” says Jeff Holmes, Manugistics senior vice president of solutions. In addition, SCA can utilize information from other Manugistics applications to visualize a company’s supply-chain operations. When used with Manugistics’ Open Application Integration product, key supply-chain information can be captured seamlessly, formatted and transported into the Manugistics Supply Chain Data Warehouse. Coupled with a rich library of statistical functions provided by Microsoft’s OLAP Server, Knosys ProClarity allows Manugistics to embed robust multidimensional analysis and graphic capabilities.

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