Magazines Name Technical Excellence Award Winners

Unisys’ ES7000 server and ProClarity’s Analytics Platform 4.0 each won a Technical Excellence Award at the Windows & .NET Magazine LIVE! and SQL Server Magazine LIVE! event in Palm Springs, California.

Michael Otey, senior technical editor for Windows & .NET Magazine and SQL Server Magazine, said that all the products presented at the event expo were excellent in their fields. “The final winners were chosen based on the products’ strategic importance to the market, the competitive advantages, and the competitive features as compared to other products in the market.”

Otey said that Unisys’ ES7000 server is unique because of the hardware platform’s ability to scale up. “The ES7000 allows scaling up to 32 processors, whereas the nearest competitor scales to only eight processors,” said Otey. “It is the only platform that can work with Microsoft Datacenter and it allows servers to be partitioned to work with multiple OSs.”

ProClarity’s Analytics Platform 4.0 benefits the enterprise by enhancing SQL Server Analysis Services through a reporting capability that increases understanding and awareness of internal business practices, according to Otey.

“Analytics Platform 4.0 provides the ability to scale up throughout the enterprise and is flexible enough to be used by everyone from a power user to the occasional administrator,” said Otey.

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