Love Bug Spreads

Variations of the newly discovered Love Letter virus, a Visual Basic (VB)-based script that arrives with a message subject of "ILOVEYOU," are already spreading. These variations might have a subject line of "FW: Joke," "Joke," or something similar, where the email contains a copy of the virus in a file attachment named "veryfunny.vbs." Be sure to visit Kurt's advice at where he offers details on how to manually remove the virus. In addition, Kurt offers information on ways to correct any damage done, such as recovering MP3 and MP2 files, recovering any missing stylesheets for "My Computer" displays, and more. CERT posted a detailed advisory and has asked that anyone infected by the virus please email them at [email protected] with a subject of "CERT#35849" so that they can better track the scope of the infection. In addition, Sendmail has published a rule definition that can help filter the virus at the mail server, so it doesn't reach end users.

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