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Looking for SQL Server 2014 SP 1... Hold Off a Bit Longer

Where Did it Go?

Microsoft released service pack 1 for SQL Server 2014 on April 15, 2015.  So where is it at?  After all, many of us in the SQL Community were even wondering with the development/release cycle for SQL Azure pushing along an increased cadence of a new release of the boxed version of Microsoft SQL Server occurring approximately every two years and being half-way through that product release cycle for SQL Server 2014 if we would even see an service pack release before SQL Server vNext is released.  Then, out of the blue (or is that azure) we received word overnight that indeed there would be an SP1 and it was available for download.

Quick Reflexes and a Version of SQL 2014 SP1 You Shouldn't Install

Some fast-fingered (read "unlucky") individuals out there probably already have downloaded it after it was announced by me on Twitter last night:

The problem is there was a problem with the patch.  I can't go into details until there is something formally announced by Microsoft but the MVPs were alerted to the issue overnight and shortly thereafter the URL for the download provided in that tweet from last night had been rendered unavailable for the time being.  The release date was symbolic - coming one year to the day of the release of SQL Server 2014.  One has to wonder if the release was rushed to fit that time frame but that's only speculation.

Fixes in SP1 for SQL Server 2014

Until the Service Pack issues are resolved and re-released you can get a complete listing of the items fixed in SP1 here.  Remember that SP1 encompasses also includes all fixes from the previous cumulative updates since RTM.  I would also advise against installing the released SP1 if you were able to download it before it was pulled. 

A Word of Warning

Of course it goes without saying that when installing service packs or cumulative updates always have a good set of tested backups and know how to recover a complete instance should you run into issues with the patching process.

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