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Brian Moran first mentioned the SQLCAT (SQL Server Customer Advisory Team) back in mid-November 2005 in the SQL Update e-newsletter from SQLMag.  SQLCAT is lead by my old friend Mark Souza and includes some of the smartest SQL Server people I've ever spent time with (and some I haven't).  The team includes uber-cerebrums like Gert Drapers, Lubor Kollar, Prem Mehra, Tom Davidson, Bren Newman, Stuart Ozer, Prakash Sundaresan, Kevin Cox, and Howard Yin.

I'm telling you - this resource cannot be beat.  Check out the incredibly valuable SQLCAT blog at 

http://lists.sqlmag.com/t?ctl=19E6C:7B5CC.   This URL is a resource you need to bookmark and review often.

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