LEXIS-NEXIS Builds Search Solution on SQL Server 2000

LEXIS-NEXIS which provides decision-support information and services in the legal, business, and government markets, recently built a search solution on SQL Server 2000 to let its customers search its public records faster and more efficiently and to reduce its cost per transaction. LEXIS-NEXIS used SQL Server 2000’s multi-instance support to install multiple copies of SQL Server on the same computer. “Because our search and retrieval speed went from days to hours with SQL Server 2000, our capacity increased dramatically, while our cost per transaction dropped,” said Dean Marker, shared service manager for LEXIS-NEXIS. ”We’re now able to accept more capacity from customers that we would have had to turn down without this solution. “ See http://www.microsoft.com/servers/net/lexnex.htm for the complete LEXIS-NEXIS case study.

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