The Latest Products from AppAssure, ESRI, and Sentrigo

The Latest Products from AppAssure, ESRI, and Sentrigo

Back Up Applications Locally or to the Cloud

AppAssure has released the latest version of its backup and recovery platform, Replay 4. This server-based, disk-imaging product lets you back up your applications locally or to the cloud. It also offers continuous application protection technology, which lets you quickly recover from disasters and automatically test restore. According to AppAssure, “Our unique approach to backup combines the best features of the top imaging, replication, and deduplication software on the market today, offering a 3-for-1 solution that guarantees continuous recovery-testing, seamless disaster recovery, always-on high availability, and significantly reduced storage costs.” This version supports SQL Server 2000 and later, as well as Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2, VMware ESX 4, and Hyper-V R2. You can download a trial version of Replay for SQL from

Uncover Data that Charts and Spreadsheets Can’t Expose

New data-mapping technology is now available from geographic information systems (GIS) vendor ESRI. MapIt is a software plus services solution that lets you create maps that display your business data. With MapIt, you can uncover patterns and trends in your data, as well as better analyze your data (such as customer demographics) in a geospatial context. The data is pulled from SQL Server 2008 or Microsoft Excel, and you have the option to display maps in Microsoft Silverlight, Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF), or Microsoft SharePoint Server 2007. You can download a free 60-day trial of MapIt from

Real-Time Database Activity Monitoring and Auditing

Database security software vendor Sentrigo announced that the new version of its database activity monitoring software, Hedgehog 3.0, is now available. Hedgehog 3.0 helps you protect your data—and prove to compliance regulators that you are doing so—by offering data masking based on customizable filters, high-performance auditing that lets you log database activity to a flat file, and monitoring of excessive behavior that could be indicative of a security threat. In addition to the new Hedgehog 3.0 features, Sentrigo’s Hedgehog vPatch now provides additional SQL Server–specific protections. This version supports all versions of SQL Server. You can learn more about Sentrigo’s Hedgehog family of products at


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