Kroll Ontrack: Ontrack PowerControls for SQL

Kroll Ontrack: Ontrack PowerControls for SQL

Expanded with new tools

On November 4th, Kroll OnTrack announced an expansion of its Ontrack PowerControls suite, which now includes granular search and a restoration tool for SQL Server.

According to the research that Kroll Ontrack provides in their press release about the expansion, 64 percent of DBAs surveyed report regular SQL restore events that are the result of dropped tables, missing row or column data, or dropped necessary table data per month, and 39 percent report between one and five SQL restore requests per month, while a further 25 percent cite more than 6 restore requests per month. Kroll's research shows that 52 percent of DBAs report that it typically takes more than an hour to restore a table from a SQL Server database.

Expanding Efficiency

In response to this research from Kroll Ontrack, the new expansion release has features that are designed to allow DBAs address regular SQL table restoration requests more efficiently. These features include:

  • Drag and drop single tables from native SQL backups or storage tier snapshots to the desired environment
  • Preview  table content to verify the point-in-time version of the table prior to performing the restore
  • Eliminate the need for T-SQL or PowerShell scripting when restoring a table

The new Ontrack PowerControls features support SQL 2008 R2 and SQL 2012 and it doesn't require a unique or proprietary backup format to perform the restore. If you're interested in finding out more information, visit the Kroll Ontrack website or pre-register for a free trial of the new release.

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