JavaScript Development

Executive Summary: If you’re not very familiar with JavaScript but need to write it, try using the JavaScript IntelliSense Helper in the Visual Studio IDE. You can also try using an ASP.NET server control that abstracts away the JavaScript used to control the Virtual Earth Map Control.

Many people (including me) aren’t very excited about the prospect of writing JavaScript. Here are two solutions that can help ease or eliminate the burden of writing JavaScript. The first is the Virtual Earth JavaScript IntelliSense Helper, which you can find at You can use the JavaScript IntelliSense Helper in the Visual Studio IDE. I included the Helper tool in my second sample web site (VirtualEarthEg2), downloadable at InstantDoc ID 100528. If you open the MapScript.js file in the Visual Studio IDE you’ll see IntelliSense when coding against the Map variable.

The second option is the recently released Virtual Earth ASP.Net Server Control, which is part of the Windows Live Tools for Microsoft Visual Studio ( I haven’t personally evaluated this control, but it’s essentially a wrapper (around the Virtual Earth Map Control) that minimizes the need for writing client-side JavaScript.

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